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The Best details about Metro lines to Understand it's Benefits

Amelia Juliana
The Best details about Metro lines to Understand it's Benefits

About Metro

The metro is one of the most reliable means of private transport during your visitor trip, mainly as it goes to most of the essential areas, which you will go to during your trip, in enhancement to that it is considered faster than any other means of transportation in addition to its reasonable prices.

The metro adventure will not only be a means of passage, but it is an excellent possibility to learn about the country and its experiences through the perspective of the metro and stations and the usage of technology not only in approaches to book tickets and use the train but also in entertainment for waiting for customers, graffiti art and other arts that are used in beautification and enhancement The stations and the train itself, as for the most excellent metro lines in the world, they are divided between continents, and most of them are established between the continents of Europe and Asia.

Jhelum Metro- A new station in the world of transportation speed

What is the Jhelum Metro Project, And What is its Cost? 

This scheme was part of the PAKISTAN Public Transport Project, and six main lines were established that penetrate the capital to reach all directions, covering an area of 176 km and the cost of the Jhelum metro reached 89,701,000,000. 

Why did the Jhelum Metro Project Placed?

This project was established to provide a unique transportation service through 6 main axes and 85 equipped stations, and it gives an extraordinary experience to get around the city of Jhelum. What are the benefits of the Jhelum Metro City?

  • Decreasing the number of car trips within the city and resolving the obstacle of the crisis.
  • Act to improve the town of Jhelum and to presenting Pakistan
  • Keeping ammunition equivalent to 400,000 liters per day.
  • Reducing emissions and exhaust polluting cars.
  • Providing electric trains without drivers.
  • Empowering Pakistani economics.
  • The facility of transport between PAKISTAN cities for tourism after the opening of visitor visas in it.

When did the Jhelum Metro Project Start?


The Jhelum Metro City project started at the end of 2013, and the metro will be opened by the end of 2021. As for the length of the Jhelum metro, it covers a distance of 176 km from Jhelum, and the speed of the Jhelum metro reaches 80 km per sec.

What are the Proposed Advantages and Profits from Jhelum Metro City?

As the Jhelum Development Authority published it at the beginning of the project implementation, the actual annual income produced by the project will be 43 billion Pakistani rupees annually. The plan has created more than 7,000 jobs in the project.

Jhelum Metro and the Environment

The project aims to enhance the use of the metro for transportation, preferably cars. Studies and figures designated that it would decrease nearly a quarter of a million car trips per day, resulting in saving more than 400,000 liters of fuel emitting harmful gases after burning. In addition to the metro, it works using electric power, reducing emissions from conventional trains.

These were the most important details about the Jhelum metro, which you can use by entering the main PAK website and browsing the departure and arrival times. Please check our topic on the map of Pakistan, as well as about the names of regions and cities in PAKISTAN on the comprehensive Pakistani real estate blog, as well as. If you like any of the questions and inquiries, you can follow us on social media at the bottom of the page.

Jhelum Metro City

The Jhelum metro, or speedy transit system, is a method of transportation within the business trip system prepared for public use, consisting of trains operating on railways within a subway network; Some of them are higher, some are external, and some are undercover. They carry customers to separate areas and are considered one of the most vital means, especially in countries and cities with high population density.

Jhelum Metro customers enjoy high protection and safety measures; The Jhelum Metro City is outfitted with 3,000 monitoring cameras in trains and stations, a special police monitoring unit, and distress communication boxes linked to a wireless communication system.

In enhancing security standards, the Jhelum Metro combines technical features. It presents its passengers with Wi-Fi services and views people with special needs. It has guided paths on the floors to refer to the visually injured and different wheelchair users on all trains.

Improving the quality of life with Jhelum Metro City

The metro has contributed to improving the quality of life in times of speed and ease. This is because it decreases the duration of trips by 50% to 75%, and it is also less energy-consuming than other means of transportation. It uses 20% less energy per kilometer, making it environmentally friendly. It does not contaminate the air. Its presence in a city decreases the number of cars because they are not needed, with a fast and low-cost transportation system. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

The benefit of the rapid transit system with SQ 99 Mall, which promoted daily life, particularly in cities with high population density, is that the metro transports large numbers of passengers through its large-capacity trailers, which run on railways with a width of only 2 meters. Hence, it does not control large areas of land, and therefore it helps absorb traffic crises and the resulting devastation of time and infection to the environment. It decreases the need to use the streets.

Amelia Juliana
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