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Revitalize your body with impeccable massage therapy

Cristy's Rejuvenating Massage & Wellness
Revitalize your body with impeccable massage therapy
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We live in a society where most people remain in hurry to achieve maximum within short span of time and for that extra hard work is needed. As a result, often people feel overworked that makes them have lots of stress and tension largely due to immense work pressure or various other health related problems in their life.

The ill-effects of stresses ultimately appear in the form of body aches, joint pains and insomnia I which can add to the frustration and many other ailments. Under such situations, your body and mind need physical and mental relaxation which can be efficiently provided by an effective massage therapy.

In addition, there can be many more situations such as old age, certain disabilities, pregnancy and beautification of physical appearance that can be taken care of through massage therapy. Residents of Vancouver can easily search the best massage shop or clinic for massage in Vancouver BC near me.

People needing massage therapy in West Vancouver can avail the best massage services for relaxing their body muscles, various aches and pains and reduce their anxiety levels that help them perform better with renewed strength and vigor.

Types of massage therapies

Among most common massage therapies used for massage therapy in Yaletown through trained massage therapists in massage shops or clinics, you will find:

•    Swedish- known as typical massage, it improves blood circulation, soothe muscles and improve relaxation. It is done through stroking and gliding, kneading, rubbing besides tapping or pounding and vibration  

•    Deep Tissue- is a procedure with slow, firm strokes and pressure to release tension deep in your muscles that helps treat chronic pains especially spasm of deep tissues in the neck, back and shoulders

•    Neuromuscular massage- help maintain balance between nervous system and Musculo-skeletal system by breaking the spasm and pain cycles through massage treatment of trigger points of neural activity area. It can help in relieving pain due to nerve compression, postural distortion, and neck pain of spondylitis and may also improve blood flow.

•    Myofascial- releases tension in the connective tissue layer and relieves trauma-based pain

•    Visceral- meant for facial work that helps relaxing connective tissue surrounding organs involved in areas of restriction due to injury, trauma, and compensation

•    Craniosacral- to relax and remove restrictions around the connective tissue surrounding brain, spinal cord and surrounding membranes and bones. It can help in conditions like migraine and tension and chronic headaches, ear infections, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, depression, dyslexia, and temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ).

•    Orthopedic – in all painful Musculo-skeletal disorders and post fracture rehabilitation

•    Sports- increases endurance level, muscle relaxation and flexibility both before and after events

    Pregnancy (Pre-natal and Post-natal) – usually done in a tender way as per the pregnancy to relax muscles in both pre-natal and post-natal situations.

Apart from above people often opt for Thai massage which is considered as Lazy man’s yoga that is given slowly without any effort. Other massage therapies include Japanese massage therapy called Shiatsu massage, Aroma therapy, Manual Lymphatic drainage and Lomi Lomi massage.

Highly specialized Indian head massage – a form of Ayurvedic therapy can help relieve various headaches. Seniors’ massage is also included among effective massage therapy in Yale Town.

Should you need to have most effective massage therapy in West Vancouver or Yale Town, fix an appointment with us at Jacqueline Massage Therapy Center – the most efficient, professional and experienced massage therapy specialists.

Cristy's Rejuvenating Massage & Wellness
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