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It is an inflammation of the inner layer that lines the stomach wall and is also known as endometriosis.
Infections of the gastric mucosa are classified on the basis of:
Duration of treatment for gastritis

Severity of gastric mucosal damage
The location of the inflammation in the stomach
The type of cells affected by inflammation

However, the classification of gastritis does not necessarily indicate the cause of the inflammation.
Types of gastritis:
1- Erosive gastritis:

This type is characterized by the appearance of ulcers in the lining of the stomach. It is superficial and does not penetrate the muscle layer of the membrane.
Causes of erosive gastritis:

Taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Drink alcoholic drinks
exposed to radiation
Decreased blood flow to the stomach
Congestion in the portal vein system, often associated with chronic liver disease

Diagnosis of this type of inflammation of the mucous membrane is based on endoscopic examination of the stomach.
2- Non-erosive gastritis (chronic gastritis)

These are the microscopic changes seen during a stomach lining biopsy.
3- Laurel gastritis:

This is the most common form of chronic gastritis, a long-term infection caused by Helicobacter pylori. Chronic inflammation can cause atrophy of the mucous glands that secrete acid, leading to a condition known as atrophic gastritis. It is almost certain that this change will occur as a result of environmental and genetic factors, as well as a bacterial infection.
4- Inflammation of the glands of the stomach fundus (type A gastritis):

Inflammation occurs in the glands that secrete acid and are located in the body and at the bottom of the stomach called the "gastric fundus", and this leads to a loss of stomach acid, impaired absorption of vitamin B12 and the development of "pernicious anemia". ".
Gastritis according to the duration of the disease:
1- Acute gastritis:

It occurs suddenly and is called by several names, such as:

Acute erosive gastritis
acute stress erosion
acute stomach ulcer
Acute hemorrhagic gastritis is an inflammation of the superficial lining of the stomach that occurs very quickly due to various pathological adversities. This situation is considered more important and dangerous.

2- Chronic gastritis:

It is an acute inflammation and irritation of the lining of the stomach wall, a weakness or damage to the protective layer of the inner lining of the stomach; This inflammation of the stomach lining is widespread and causes severe, sharp pain in the lower abdomen, and in most cases is caused by a bacterial infection, most often H. pylori.

If acute inflammation is left untreated, it turns into chronic inflammation, and this leads to complications such as stomach ulcers that are difficult to treat.
Symptoms of gastritis:

Gastritis doesn't always cause signs and symptoms. But one of the most common symptoms of gastritis that a patient may feel is

Pain in indigestion that increases with food
Feeling of fullness in the upper abdomen after eating

Symptoms of acute gastritis:

severe abdominal pain ألم
Heartburn after eating, especially fatty foods such as meat, potatoes, starch and sweets

Although these symptoms indicate a heart attack in some, they can be indicative of an inflammation of the stomach lining.
Symptoms of chronic gastritis:

acute abdominal pain
permanent acid

Causes of chronic gastritis:

Weak autoimmunity, in which the immune system attacks the body's cells, especially the cells in the stomach lining
Food poisoning from H. pylori infection
Taking medications, especially pain relievers

Treatment of chronic gastritis should not be neglected, as neglect can lead to the development of a stomach ulcer.
Diagnosis of gastritis:

A doctor can diagnose gastritis based on symptoms and, in addition to some daily habits, ask about medical history and also perform tests to determine the exact cause. These tests include:

H. pylori test with blood, stool, or breath test
Gastroscopy, or taking a sample of the stomach wall for analysis to confirm or rule out gastritis
X-ray after drinking a white liquid containing barium

Gastritis treatment:

Treatment for gastritis depends on the cause of gastritis.
Treatment of acute gastritis:

If the cause of gastritis is the use of pain relievers or alcohol abuse, the treatment is to stop and avoid alcohol and pain relievers.
Chronic gastritis treatment:

Avoid consuming hot spices, nicotine or coffee as they irritate stomach acid production and symptoms

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