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Which is the best suited Platform Trolley for you

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Which is the best suited Platform Trolley for you

The best platform trolley for you depends on your application for use. There are thousands to choose from. The best way to navigate through all the options available and then find the best suitable for you. Too often platform trolley is purchased are made without knowing the different options available to them. Here we will share the most common questions and concerns we receive when customers contact us to help them decide which platform trolley is suitable for them.


Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is a very important part of narrowing down the search for platform hand trolley. For moving appliances in industries platform trolley also called warehouse trolley, typically you need a platform trolley 300kg for moving heavy weight material in Warehouse or industries. This is the same for moving most of the furniture around you. For general household activities like moving plants, garbage cans, or groceries platform with at least a 25 kg capacity can work fine.



Wood, steel, aluminium, and composite materials are the standard. Wood trolleys have an issue to life, they can’t stand for a long period of time. Steel trolley is good and has great strength but the concern with them is their weight. These hand trucks are too bulky to carry. While the aluminium trolley is costly. The best solution for buying platform trolley is composite material trolley, made with high-grade ABS plastic. Platform trolley 150kg are lightweight and usually have high weight capacities which make them ideal for those who want to travel with the hand truck. Composite plastic is also corrosion-resistant.  



The most common wheels available to customers are pneumatic (air), solid and foam. Air-filled tires provide a smooth ride over rough or uneven terrain. This is great for use with landscape platform trolley and applications that require outdoor use. A solid wheel is a maintenance-free option. They will never go flat and will offer you a smooth ride over flat surfaces. They are generally heavier than their counterparts. Foam wheels are another maintenance-free option. They have the same characteristics as an air wheel without the worry of going flat. They do tend to be more expensive but lasts longer than an air wheel.



You don’t have to spend a lot when it comes to hand trucks or platform trolley. Even if you are a professional and use a platform hand trolley for everyday tasks it is best to make sure you buy platform trolley manufactured India. The quality is far better than those that are imported from overseas like china. With that said, those high-quality platform trolleys come with higher price tags and are well worth the money spent. If you are looking for a budget price trolley, you still have many good options in all categories.


So as you can see there isn’t just one hand truck trolley fits all. Finding the right fit one for your moving needs can take some time. From moving groceries from your car to your home or moving a washer and dryer a great place to start is EQUAL Platform Trolley.


EQUAL is proud to be offering commercial material handling products.  All our products including platform trolley and service carts are proudly made in India.  EQUAL has been a proud supporter of Indian made products.  Our customers often ask for high-quality products and we steer them to our Indian manufacturers knowing they provide the highest quality and built with pride products.  EQUAL is no exception.   We are a market leader in high-quality products made in India for over 18 years.


You can find Platform trolley 500kg, 300kg & 150kg caring capacity on our website. We provide the best price, free shipping, and the best customer service to answer any questions you might have regarding our products.  EQUAL is a great fit and we are proud to carry their high-quality product line on our website.  Don’t compromise with quality when it comes to your moving needs.  Buy Indian material handling products and know you have a smart purchase that will last you for years to come.


What About Customer Support

We often found customers are looking for assistance in finding the right product for their needs.  This is especially true in the case of eCommerce. A product specialist is hard to find when you are shopping online and you have specific questions about the product you expect to get the answers you need to make an educated purchase decision.


Recently, I was shopping through an online website for a specific product or tool.  I found it and several other options as well.  I wasn’t sure about the two that I had shortlisted.  I still had some questions even after thoroughly reading the descriptions for each. So I called customer service to get the additional desired information.  I was welcomed with a happy and eager representative ready to provide me will all the information I was looking for.  After explaining to him what information I was looking for, I found him reading the online descriptions back to me.  I explained to him that I already read all the information online about the products I was inquiring about.  I was meet with a long pause customer service person who was guessing and providing his own opinions on what he thought the answers were to my questions.  I was confused, as I was getting uncertain answers and personal insist on very specific questions.  After a long time on the phone, I kindly said thank you for your help and abandoned the website.


My search continued to a specific product based website that had both products that I was comparing.  Again, I called the customer support department and reached to a gentleman who had full knowledge of both products and guided me to the best purchase for my need. The online store was a small website that sold just tools. I knew I was getting the right information and felt confident while placing my order. Although I could have easily placed the order with Amazon or Flipkart who offered the item for less I was happy to give the website my business because they were there for me to make the right decision for making the purchase.


This was not my first experience with big eCommerce sites who have minimal knowledge of the products they are selling. Having good product knowledge is essential for making an educated buying decision.

Best Platform Trolley Brand Made in India

Platform trolley made in India is not hard to find. There are many large and small manufacturers who crank out some really great platform trolleys.

EQUAL is a major player in the material handling industry focusing on the high-quality platform hand trolleys. The catalog ranges from a small folding platform trolley to a monster appliance trolley. We cover all the bases which also allows us to reach a larger consumer slice of the pie. You can also find us on Amazon.


Platform Trolley Wheels

Platform trolley wheels haven’t changed a lot over the past 15 years.  Most are imported from overseas mostly from China and Taiwan. It is worth the money spent to ensure that next time you need to use your hand truck for a move that it will perform perfectly without any failure when you need it most.

Solid wheels are best!  You have no need to worry about losing air, blowouts, or wobbling.  Solid wheels will usually hold up the lifetime of a platform hand trolley.


Heavy Duty Platform Trolley


If you need a Heavy Duty Trolley or Foldable platform trolley, EQUAL has just what you’re looking for.  We are the manufacturer that makes the strongest and most reliable hand truck trolleys on the market today.  Whether you need a capacity of 25 kg or 500 kg. We have the platform trolley to get the job done.  Most heavy duty platform hand trucks are constructed with a heavy gauge ABS frame and high capacity wheels.  If you need assistance in picking which heavy duty hand truck is right for you we have the staff that can help in making the right decision. 


Article Source: EQUAL


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