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Data Recovery Tips and Techniques to Avoid Data Loss

Sam Vik
Data Recovery Tips and Techniques to Avoid Data Loss

If proper techniques are followed and data is managed accurately then there are fewer chances of data loss. In this way, you can prevent the loss of your precious files. However, if the files are accidentally deleted, storage devices are corrupted then it is necessary to follow the best data recovery techniques to avoid further loss. Before understanding the data recovery techniques know the types of errors encountered in data corruption

Corruption is caused by Physical and logical errors, these errors make the file inaccessible and if immediate action is not taken then it could damage the database severely. Based on the types of error there are two types of Data recovery techniques i.e. Logical Data Recovery and Physical Data Recovery

What is Logical Data Recovery?

Methods or techniques used to recover data from software are categorized in ‘Logical Data Recovery’. These errors occurred due to any software problem, mismanagement in the structure of files, conflict in the software process, and loss of files. To recover the lost data ‘Logical Data Recovery techniques are used. Check out some examples and methods of Logical Data Recovery

Data is Overwritten

When users accidentally delete files from a storage location and copy other data files at the same location the data gets overwritten. In this case, the recovery of files becomes difficult. When files are deleted and nothing is copied then these files can be recovered from references to other sectors in disk files using recovery software.

So, always consider not to save or copy files from the deleted files folder for easy retrieval of files.

Avoid Data Loss

In any situation, the Users format drives the drive so as to create space in the disk drive but this could damage the drive. This could also make the drive inaccessible and may slowly damage the hard disk too. So avoid using the format method

If you observe that the drive is behaving inappropriately or it is working slow in comparison of last time, then probably the sectors of disk are damaged badly. To avoid permanent data loss, remove the drive from the system and connect it to other system in Read Only mode and recover data. You can also use this method for USB drives, SD Card and other temporary storage devices.

 Understanding Physical Data Recovery

When the file is damage due to any hardware problem then it is considered as Physical Data damage. It could be anything like circuit damage, chips in the motherboard are damaged. Connection to link HDD with system or laptop could also be one of the reasons.

Complexity and How to Repair

Hard drives are built with very complex structures. Actuator, header, splitter are some of the tools embedded in hard drive and so to perform Physical Data Recovery use of specialized tools and controlled environment are required. The controlled environment is dust-free, temperature-controlled to understand the drive and recover data.

You can also call to a certified technician to perform physical data recovery on your drives and get retrieve data back.

Sam Vik
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