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Cost to develop an app in Bangalore

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Cost to develop an app in Bangalore

                                                    Cost to develop app in Bangalore

                                     How much does it cost to make an app in Bangalore? 

In today’s tech-savvy and competitive world, every business owner must invest in a mobile application. Such is the influence of mobile apps on the routine lives of people. They have not only transformed the way of operations for the majority of businesses but have also created new channels for revenues. Several businesses with unique ideas are trying to convert them to amazing reality via user-friendly mobile apps. Your major step for building an app in Bangalore begins with the choice of an app development company. While several other factors influence the development of apps, your selection of mobile app developers in Bangalore will guide them more smoothly. 


Different locations across the globe have different costs of app development. These variations mainly due to the changing factors that impact the mobile app development cost. Businesses are understanding that choosing their mobile app development partner in Bangalore is a feasible job. This is due to the ability of some smart, expert, reasonable and skilful mobile app development companies in Bangalore. The app developers in Bangalore are updated about the constant changes in the latest market trends which forms a major factor to achieve success in the market. They are also well-versed with the latest technological advancements which are important in offering the right features to users. App developers in Bangalore blend all these factors to develop a mind-blowing end product.


Major factors affecting the cost of developing an app in Bangalore like platforms, design, features, and functionalities must be carefully selected for offering a reasonable yet impactful end product. There is huge competition across the globe for using the opportunity available in the mobile app segment. To stay unique in the crowd and be leading the competition, it is important to offer inventive solutions for users. Hence, business owners must associate with a reliable mobile app development company in Bangalore who are experts in facing complex challenges. If you are looking to develop a useful mobile app, then the first question that arises among most of them is “what is the overall mobile app development cost”? 


With all the influencing factors kept in mind, calculating the overall mobile app development cost is not a straightforward process. If you are among such persons, then you are at the right place where you can find comprehensive details about the cost of developing an app and included aspects. Interested? Keep reading below to know more why mobile app development cost in Bangalore is favourable.


How much does an app cost to develop worldwide?

Businesses operating for several years know-how to develop and maintain several traditional types of desktop and web apps along with their cost benefits. But mobile apps are unique from them and it may require businesses to perform more detailed research to know the actual cost of development. A significant portion of online traffic comes from mobile apps and indulges in business making it an essential aspect for all segments. Hence, mobile apps have become a crucial factor for all types of businesses worldwide to engage, retain and attract their target customers. But businesses need to associate with a reliable firm to get reasonable service with optimal quality service.


The usual policy for checking the cost of app development is to look at the hourly rate of the developers, but it is not done with this. It also has an impact on several other aspects while looking for the best-suited app development company, the complexity of the app idea, and maintenance after the release of the app. But if you make a wise choice then it will not cost too much in your pocket when you compare it with the level of profitability offered by the mobile apps. A significant portion of users will spend around 3 hours of their daily average time on smartphones and relative apps. This increasing trend has assured the possibility of increasing further in the coming days with the users getting used to its flexible and beneficial nature. Hence, if businesses want to take their operations to higher levels, then mobile app development from a reliable firm is the only best option.


With the availability of several advanced app developers worldwide, you may be thinking extensively about their adaptability and value for investment. The mobile app development cost in Bangalore is much lesser when compared to the costs worldwide. You have to look at the expertise of the developer in a specific niche and the flexibility to complete the project in specific timelines. Businesses across the globe are preferring app developers in Bangalore, due to the availability of smart development approaches with reasonable costs of development. Several factors influence the overall cost of development for mobile app development, but geography is a major of them. This is the key aspect where Bangalore makes its mark by offering a reasonable cost of development with effective outputs. Mobile app development cost in Bangalore is highly reasonable and effective than many other places worldwide.


What affects mobile application costs? 

With all the aspects involved in mobile apps, it finally reaches down to one single point: what are the factors that impact the mobile app development cost? With the advancements in technology every day, there will be varying changes across the world in the field of mobile application development. Typically, the cost of crafting a mobile app varies heavily depending upon the complexity of the app. Some apps with basic functionalities may cost less and some with advanced ones may cost more. 


Even with this, there is no single-word answer to this question due to multiple factors at play. The app development cost for getting any kind of mobile app in Bangalore is reliant on several factors like selection of app platforms, location of the development company, overall app size, UI/UX, and presence of advanced functionalities or features. If you are looking for “how much does it cost to make an app by yourself?” then it is advisable to choose a reliable mobile app development company that can guide you well in this process.


A most important aspect that has a big influence on the cost of developing an app in Bangalore is the app niche. It is the primary aspect to consider as different app niches will impact on diverse user issues and involve changing profitability. The selection will impact the operations and return of investment in the long run. Further, it may lead to users referring to the app for their known ones and enhance the reach to the next level. With the increased competition and opportunities in the mobile app development segment, there is a need to offer uniqueness at levels. Therefore, you have to look at all the impacting factors carefully before deciding on developing the app in a specific niche. This will ensure to have an effective app on a fixed budget and engage the app users for longer.


Features and Functionality:  

Any kind of mobile app will be effective and profitable only if the included features and functionalities are engaging and user-friendly to retain the users for longer. But along with enhancing the integrity of the app, they will also have a big influence on the overall cost of developing the app. All the selections must be creative and innovative enough to aid in the app for leading the race in the segment. Many aspects like third-party service, back-end development, selecting the accurate contents, including the best technologies are crucial factors in impacting the cost of the app. Relying on the choice of the features and functionalities, these elements may enhance or reduce the overall cost of the app.


Rich features will surely enhance the worth of your app while also sustaining the impact on leading the competition. Advanced features and functionalities such as MI or AI, Blockchain, AR/VR, IoT, Chatbot will enhance the features than expected. As there will be updates in technological factors, users will demand increasing smoothness along with problem-solving abilities. Being a business owner, you have cautiously involved functionalities and features that will be helpful and profitable for long-term success.


UX and UI design process:

Any kind of app should consist of engaging and navigable design to reach the audience, retain them for longer, and keep attracting a new audience. While these attractive designs will enhance the richness but also cost extra charges. Mobile app development cost estimates Bangalore relies on UI and UX design process which is a major thing that is noticed by users. It includes icons, logos. Wireframes, user interface, and other key aspects should be executed well. Factors like location, experience, design complexities, and app platform will highly influence the overall cost of designing elements.


The majority of app development companies will indeed concentrate on developing technologically advanced apps and advanced design elements. But it is also important to focus on designing user-friendly products that engage the audience for longer. The modern tech-savvy audience is not content with the optimal working of features and functionalities but looks for more in terms of design. Hence, along with the involvement of features w.r.t cutting-edge technology, the app must also have a smooth design according to the requirements of the product. UI and UX design process is a major factor that impacts mobile app development cost estimate Bangalore.



The iOS, Windows, or Android app development cost relies on the app platform on which the app is developed. So, business owners must properly research their target audience and their usage before deciding to adapt either native or hybrid apps. Consequently, on a straight note, you may feel that the iOS app development cost will be more than Android. But when the number of devices to be tested on Android is measured, the overall charges will be much higher. If a product or service has users from both platforms then firms like to go for hybrid or cross-platform app development that helps in building on multiple platforms.

Different types of apps involve diverse types of user experience depending on the app niche. Usually, native apps when developed for multiple platforms will cost more as the team gets bigger. If the focus is to reach a wider group audience, then hybrid apps are the best choice as they can be developed and maintained more reasonably. But these hybrid apps will have limited access to APIs, reduced optimizations, and fail to offer a rich native experience. Hence, business owners must perform thorough research while looking at app development cost breakdown.


Location and Structure of a Development Team 

The location of the firm will have a huge impact on the iOS, Windows, or Android app development costs in Bangalore. The overall costs for development vary across different locations according to the rates of the app developers. So, business owners need to perform thorough research while checking for their product development project. There is variation in development charges while working with a full-fledged app development firm or a freelance developer. Completely equipped app development firms will have diverse teams to fulfill every task and you will ensure to get reasonable overall costs. But you have to be careful while going for freelancers as there may be discrepancies in works that are correlated and finally end up with higher costs.


Along with the location, the structure of your app development team is also a big influential factor. Regardless of the niche of your app, a development team will need few key professionals. This includes the Project manager, developers, testers, designers, and marketing experts. Hence, with the increase in complexity and scale of the app, it will need a huge team that will finally enhance the overall app development cost.


Outsourcing vs. In-house Development 

If you do not have an in-house team, then you have to outsource the project by choosing a reliable app development firm. Traditionally, in-house app development was sought mainly due to the easy availability of the team to increase communication quality. But due to the advancements in technology, effective communication is not at all an issue. Further, due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, remote working is the preferred mode of working across all teams. The majority of its employees are working from remote locations yet able to deliver successful results. A proper internet connection and knowledge of the right skills is only the need of the hour.


Outsourcing the project with expert and trusted app engineering firms will ensure to get all types of professionals together. With in-house development, you may have to toil harder to get the right person for the right job. You might have to advertise, interview, train them for a few days to get them kick-started for your project. So, outsourcing is not a tedious job anymore due to the availability of efficient modes of online channels to communicate efficiently. Reliable app development companies will ensure to remain constantly in sync with the business owners at all stages.

Cost of Maintaining an App:

If you are thinking that the cost of developing an app will end with the release, then you are wrong. Maintenance of the app after the release is an important factor to consider. You do all the hard work to include advanced technologies, smooth design, and release the app in the stores. There begins a new chapter of maintenance which decides the final cost of mobile app development cost in Bangalore or Bangalore. Any kind of app will surely need regular updates, constant customer support, and marketing which is a key element for the success of the app. 

With the regular upgrades to the app, there will also be a requirement on fixing the surprising defects, and incorporating genuine user feedback. Any type of app will need promotion for reaching the right set of audiences. Along with this, 3rd party integrations and payment gateways will incur additional costs for maintenance. Many business owners tend to neglect the costs of app maintenance in the initial development cost breakdowns. But expert firms know their importance and guide business owners to plan well for the long-term success of the app.


Brill Mindz Technologies approach to the cost estimation 

Brill Mindz is different from other players in the market due to its clear communication with clients at all levels of the app development process. We possess the proven approach of advanced mobile app development technologies, Agile development, and creative approaches to offer maximum returns. We have a decade of technical and strategic expertise in developing various types of mobile apps. Moreover, the team is unique as it will not just emphasize building the app as per requirements but also aid with creative approaches that will build a productive app. 


There will be optimal importance given to the specific design to engage the audience for a longer time. We develop wireframes and prototypes relying on the accurate business goals, behavioural patterns of the audience, and future motives. All these aspects come together to aid us in building the end product accurately as per expectations at expected timelines. Once you associate with Brill Mindz, you will get the assurance of a reliable firm that will not only develop the app but also stay connected for its long-term success in the hands of the user. Top-quality performance is the major motive of our team members right from the initial stages of the development process. 


Brill Mindz has established a renowned name for developing high-quality mobile apps that can be adapted according to the financing limits of the specific projects. The team will not have a single fixed formula but develop a precise solution for every business requirement. There will be assigned team members who are experts in their respective niches and aid in building accurate end products. A business owner will have complete transparency over the proceedings along with no doubts over the development. The constant ability of the team members to deliver highly flexible, performance-oriented, feature-rich, and scalable apps will ensure quality to the business. 


Our cross-platform app development emphasizes accommodating upgrades at regular timelines at the expense of budgeting constraints. The timeline of building an app will vary depending on the requirements and complexity of the app. Brill Mindz will encourage the clients to be thoroughly involved in the initial planning stages of the app development process. further, complex apps will take more time than others as they will involve more coordination between various team members. The eCommerce app development cost for developing the app via Brill Mindz will start from 5000$. Regardless of the influencing aspects, Brill Mindz has a customer-oriented approach to analyse the requirements and estimate the cost accordingly. 


Development Cost of Famous Start-ups 

With the involvement of several crucial factors, the iOS, Windows, and android app costs will have to be researched thoroughly by business owners. Further, the selection of a mobile app development company will either ease or complicate your process. Several start-ups have ended up with successful products with the right planning, execution, and maintenance of strategies. It is rightly said that well begun is half done, hence it is important for business owners to associate with an expert mobile app development firm to enjoy success. Below are the successful start-ups that have tasted success in the market in the long term.



Relative to the websites, a hotel booking app has shown to provide a top-notch user experience (UX), hence transforming the booking course to be simple and error-free. OYO Rooms was launched to ease this hotel booking process and get the best deals to the users. The business owners were well aware that users would find it extremely difficult to book hotels at a reasonable price and they wanted to make the process simpler. They started by partnering with a few hotels, streamline the process and offer them at reasonable costs to the users with the aid of an offline product. This moved on to a mobile app that revolutionized the booking process and made it easy for users to book within no time. But any kind of success comes with initial roadblocks, hardships, and facing new challenges while building an app like Oyo. The overall cost to develop an application relies on several aspects, including the involved features, technologies, and the selection of mobile app development companies in Bangalore, and might come to around 10000$.



In recent years, app-based ride-taxi services have almost replaced traditional taxi firms. It is due to their ability to provide more transparency, convenience, security, reasonable costs, sharing, and striking discounts which were unimaginable in the segment. Uber, was the key firm that changed the traditional passenger transportation segment in 2009 and has never looked back with international success. In the modern busy lifestyles, people in large cities with heavy traffic, no parking spaces look for using ride-taxi services such as Uber. Huge response for personal car rides has created a storm in the segment with several business owners looking to replicate the magic across the globe. But the development of Uber was not just the development process but involves coordinating features involving location services. It was developed by focusing on two major aspects involved in the process: a driver and passenger. The cost to build an Uber app would have ranged around $20,000.


Apps such as Instagram have become a go-to way for smartphone users to connect with the online world. It is measured as the ideal communication platform to not only stay close with the known ones but also give a robust platform for several businesses to market their respective services and products. Instagram is a social networking app that is owned by Facebook which was developed with a motive to let users easily share images and videos from their smartphones. It lets the users check for timely updates in the precise news feed at constant times. Every user will have a dedicated profile where they can describe themselves via a short bio and also have precise updates of photos and videos. Instagram has several user-friendly features that offer several options to edit the images and videos from the app. It also lets business owners connect with a wide range of customers across the global market. The average cost of developing an Instagram app might have been around 10000$.



Everyone knows that cricket is the most popular sport in Bangalore. The craze for playing fantasy leagues started to boom and Dream 11 used this opportunity to become the most popular Dream 11 is a fantasy cricket league platform based in Bangalore. It has grown widely in the country with a significant number of app users using this legal betting app. It provides Android/iOS along with website options to the users for playing and an official betting option across several matches across the globe. This is a fantasy sports game app that tests the cricketing knowledge and prediction ability of the users with the caution of using them judgmentally. Players must generate a virtual team of players for the upcoming matches and there will be precise points added depending upon the actual performance of the players on the match day. It is evident that cricket has not just remained a sport across the globe, but involves a lot of glitzy aspects like media, corporate, technology, and unofficial betting is one of them. The development of the Dream 11 app might have cost around 20000$.



The advent of food delivery apps has given loads of excitement for foodies by offering them an opportunity to get a wide range of foods at their doorstep. The popular app Zomato involves three parts: platform holders, restaurant owners, and finally the delivery employees. It offers easy access to several restaurants in the location via its online delivery service. Zomato works by charging some amount from the restaurants to give access to them on the platform performing as an on-demand business model for food. Whenever there is an order on Zomato, a notification will pop up to the selected restaurant, platform holder, and also the nearby delivery employee. These three players will coordinate between themselves to get the food ready and send it to the doorsteps of the user. Zomato performs a coordinating task between the delivery personnel and the restaurant to provide the best user experience. The development of the Zomato app might have cost around 10000$.



Unacademy Online Education App teaches the concepts related to several courses in a simple and informative way to the users. It employs the best and appropriate technology stack leading to long-term engagement amongst the users which is the driving force behind the effective usage of this platform across multiple locations. This app includes several kinds of courses that are available free of cost for users. Unacademy also includes some special courses that help the users to get ready for competitive exams. It also has advanced tools like exclusive live classes dependent on the various types of exams needed for the users. This is listed among the biggest online educational platforms in Bangalore with millions of users. Unacademy is the ideal partner for students who want to ease their journey for facing the competitive exams offering knowledge from SMEs and letting users clear their doubts. The development of Unacademy might have cost around 30000$ to 15000$.


As eLearning apps have gained popularity in recent years, they revolutionized the education world especially after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Several educational institutions had already adapted this idea but almost every educational institution went the eLearning way after the Covid-19 outbreak. Byjus is a popular eLearning app that aids students from classes 1 to 12 by offering top-notch educational content. It also provides impactful and accurate preparation for few competitive exams like IIT-JEE CAT, AIEEE, NEET, and IAS and international exams such as GMAT and GRE. The Byju's app has a major focus on mathematics and science with the aid of video classes to clear the concepts thoroughly. The huge accomplishments from this popular eLearning mobile app have motivated several users to make use of advanced learning methods and partner with top mobile app development companies such as BrillMindz to build engaging eLearning apps. The development of Byju’s apps might have cost around 15000$.

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