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The primary advantageous impacts of Mulethi (Yashtimadhu) are on stomach related framework and respiratory framework. It helps in mitigating gastric indications like acid reflux, consuming sensation in the midsection, peptic and duodenal ulcer, stomach colic, GERD and persistent gastritis.

Aphthous ulcers or Mouth ulcers or Canker injuries

YASHTIMADHU can give 50 to 75% help from Aphthous ulcers inside one day and complete abatement of ulcers inside three days. (10)

Infection are a typical sort of mouth ulcers described by torment and delicacy. These are white or yellow in appearance encompassed by red region. Yashtimadhu water or tea decreases the agony and delicacy. Its wash is likewise compelling in lessening the size of infection.

Ulcerative colitis

Mulethi contains a Glabridin compound, which decreases colonic irritation. It can accelerate recuperating measure in excited mucosa and forestall ulceration of mucosa of the digestion tracts. (11, 12, 13)

In Ayurveda, It is utilized with Indian gooseberry, Bamboo Manna (vanshlochan) and Giloy satva for ulcerative colitis treatment.

Nonalcoholic greasy liver infection

Mulethi can help in nonalcoholic greasy liver infection. It decreases raised liver proteins. (14, 15)

As per Ayurveda, YASHTIMADHU is certainly not a powerful solution for liver sicknesses, yet it can help in this condition when taken with other hepatic defensive spices, for example, Punarnava, Bhringraj, Giloy, Patha and so on

Utilization of Mulethi in Cough

Mulethi is restoratively useful in sensitive throat, throat bothering, hack and bronchitis.

Yashtimadhu has expectorant properties. It additionally facilitates in hacking up the thick yellow sputum amassed in the lungs. Because of antibacterial properties, it additionally diminishes contamination of upper respiratory parcel. It decreases throat aggravation and helps in ongoing hack.

In Ayurveda, it is utilized in such conditions as follows:

Mulethi Churna 2 grams

Sitopaladi powder 2 grams

Honey 1 tsp.

Bronchitis and Asthma

Mulethi weakens the irritation of bronchi and relieves respiratory plot, in this way it helps in bronchitis. Because of calming impacts, it is viable in numerous incendiary sicknesses including bronchitis and joint pain. It can likewise be advantageous in unfavorably susceptible asthma, as per contemplates. (16, 17, 18)

In asthma, it very well may be utilized with Pushkarmool powder and nectar.

Elevated cholesterol

Mulethi has strength to diminish serum cholesterol levels and hepatic cholesterol. The conceivable activity of Yashtimadhu may be related with change of cholesterol into the bile. (19, 20)


Mulethi root or mulethi has against atherosclerotic qualities. The impacts can be because of decrease of serum cholesterol and plaque development in the veins. Another cell reinforcement property can likewise potentiate its belongings in forestalling cardiovascular sicknesses. (21, 22, 23)


Mulethi is known for its consequences for adrenal organ. It further develops the adrenal organ capacities. It very well may be useful in individuals who take steroid drugs, since steroids stifle significant adrenal organ capacities and result in adrenal deficiency. It helps adrenal organ to recuperate its normal capacities and invigorates adrenal chemicals.

Jungle fever

Chinese licorice roots contain a compound named as LICOCHALCONE. It hinders the falciparum strain and its belongings are like chloroquine. The investigations have presumed that another disengaged licorice compound has powerful enemy of malarial properties. (24, 25)


LICOCHALCONE found in Chinese licorice roots has inhibitory impacts against myco-bacterial species. Nonetheless, further examinations are needed to research the aftereffects of licorice in tuberculosis, in spite of the fact that it can help in bacterial lung diseases. (26)

Sore throat

Rinse with YASHTIMADHU water or decoction diminishes throat aggravation, bothering and torment. The investigations have shown that yashtimadhu swish lessens rate of sore throat by half in post-extubation hacking and weakens postoperative sore throat. (27, 28, 29)

In Ayurveda, mulethi root powder is utilized in sensitive throat with nectar and sitopaldi churna.

High potassium levels

Some exploration examines presume that there are sure mixtures found in mulethi, that decline potassium levels in the blood. Consequently, it very well may be compelling in instances of high serum potassium in individuals with kidney infections and diabetes.

The principle cautioning is that it ought not utilized in cases with low potassium levels and high sodium levels. Else, it might result in cut off myopathy because of hypokalemia. (30)


Mulethi glue, oil or gel application helps in dermatitis just as aggravated and irritated skin. Some natural creams and gel utilized for dermatitis treatment contain licorice remove. It decreases irritation, redness and growing. (31)

Its belongings have been mostly seen in stomach fit that happens during feminine cycle in ladies, however it can’t be intense to the point that it can work alone, so understanding may require different prescriptions as well.

It can likewise help forestalling muscle cramps in patients on hemodialysis. (32)


In ayurvedic medication, Mulethi is utilized with Ashwagandha for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Numerous ayurvedic pain relieving arrangements contain yashtimadhu and ashwagandha as principle fixing.

Constant exhaustion condition (CFS)

Mulethi can assist patients with persistent exhaustion condition. This activity may be because of fortifying and cancer prevention agent exercises. (33)

Menopausal Hot Flashes

Studies recommend that Mulethi can diminish the seriousness and recurrence of hot glimmers during menopause. It is likewise well satisfactory and average in a large portion of the ladies. (34)

In Ayurveda, Yashtimadhu is utilized for decreasing menopausal side effects alongside SARASWATARISHTA and MUKTA PISHTI.


Mulethi has cooling impact on the body, as per Ayurveda. It additionally has incredible fortifying and revival impacts. It is utilized with different spices to help spermatogenesis and nature of sperm.

Original Weakness

Be that as it may, Mulethi isn’t suggested in individuals with loss of moxie, yet it can help in men enduring with early release or original shortcoming . By and large, hyper-fervor or extreme touchiness is a reason for early release in men. It decreases unreasonable energy and along these lines helps in treating early release issues in men. Here and there, mind assumes a part in early release wherein yashtimadhu is likewise powerful.

Prostate hypertrophy or malignant growth

Mulethi is likewise utilized in prostate hypertrophy and prostate malignant growth, however its pertinent examinations are not yet accessible regarding this matter.

Stomach fat

Mulethi contains a few flavonoids, which decrease stomach fat aggregation. The examination proposes that it additionally has hypoglycemic impacts, so mulethi can profit in diabetes as well. (35)

It can likewise assist corpulent individuals with raised serum cholesterol levels. We have effectively talked about the impacts of yashtimadhu on cholesterol in heart wellbeing segment above.


The overall dose of Mulethi Churna (Yashtimadhu Powder) is as per the following.

Children 250 mg to 1.5 grams *

Adults 1 to 3 grams *

Greatest Possible Dosage 6 grams Per Day (in partitioned portions)

  • Twice Daily with Water, Lukewarm Milk or as suggested by doctor

Best Time to Take: Before Meal in stomach illnesses like gastritis, ulcer and so forth

Security PROFILE

Mulethi incidental effects happen in individuals with hypertension. By and large, it doesn’t will in general raise your pulse on the off chance that you don’t have history of hypertension. The incidental effects show up generally in cases taking high measurement of mulethi. Subsequently, it might POSSIBLY be SAFE in individuals having no set of experiences of hypertension. The measurement ought not surpass from 10 grams each day. You ought not burn-through mulethi more that a month consistently.

Incidental effects

Normal admission of mulethi is likewise not suggestible on the grounds that standard admission additionally brings about low potassium and high sodium in the body, which can cause liquid maintenance.

A couple of incidental effects are recorded here:


Low potassium in the blood

High sodium levels


Liquid retention*

*These impacts are uncommon and happen in the event that it is taken with milk or in unnatural structure like concentrate. Incidental effects happen just when it is taken for a while routinely.

Mulethi may build your circulatory strain, yet this impact is seen distinctly with measurements in excess of 10 grams each day. All examinations proposing this incidental effect are finished with the measurements over 50 grams to 200 grams each day, which is definitely not a restorative dose. The restorative measurement doesn’t surpass from 3 grams to 10 grams each day. (36, 37)

Glycyrrhetinic corrosive present in mulethi can bring about low potassium level in the blood and in this manner it can cause hypertension. This impact happens because of hindrance of renal 2-beta-hydroxysteroid de-hydrogenase and incitement of mineralocorticoid receptors by the glycyrrhetinic corrosive. (38, 39, 40)

These impacts vanish after licorice (mulethi) withdrawal inside three weeks and the circulatory strain returns to typical, as indicated by a report distributed in Journal of hypertension. (41)

Customary admission of mulethi causes hypermineralocorticoidism, which can bring about moderate hypertension and hypertensive YASHTIMADHU.

yogesh pathak
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