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Which Features and Advantages should be used by to Dedicated Xamarin App Developer for the best Xamarin App Development?

charly mnartin
Which Features and Advantages should be used by to Dedicated Xamarin App Developer for the best Xamarin App Development?

Surprising Features and Advantages of Xamarin App Development

The world of mobile apps is continuously changing. Hence, enterprises and businesses are opting for custom mobile applications to make the life of their customers easier. However, developing a mobile app in this fast-growing technological environment demands the right set of approaches and tools. In addition to this, a longer development cycle has become a major concern while building a customary web application.

Luckily, Xamarin is also a great development platform that allows businesses to Hire Dedicated Xamarin App Developers for quick mobile app development. The best thing about is that the app runs smoothly across Android, Windows, and iOS. Let’s know more about Xamarin app development in this guide.

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is basically, a tool used for cross-platform mobile application development. It allows developers to share 90% of the code across vital platforms. Xamarin is a new tool based on Microsoft technology stack and it has a massive community of 1.4M developers.

It was built by MONO developers which is an open-source development platform primarily based on the .NET framework. It was officially founded on 16th May 2011.

Soon, it becomes a popular cross-platform for creating mobile apps using the Microsoft ecosystem.

Features of Xamarin

Xamarin offers some incredible features like

C# language

Xamarin makes use of a single language, called C#. Using this language, developers can create apps for all mobile platforms. Xamarin is a native compiled framework, unlike interpreted solutions. Thus, Xamarin is the go-to option for creating high-performing apps with a native feel.

.NET Based Framework

Since C# is a mature programming language with safety-typing, it prevents code from unexpected behavior. C# is a .NET framework, can be used with .NET features like Asynchronous programming, LINQ, and Lambdas.

Xamarin leverage native API access such as ARKit on Android Multi-Window or iOS.


The platform provides two major products, namely Xamarin. Android and Xamarin.iOS. In iOS, the code is compiled into native ARM and in Android, it is compiled to Intermediate language. The process is tailored and automated to handle garbage collection, memory allocation, etc.

Support of Wearables

Xamarin supports creating apps for Android and Apple Watch devices. Developers can use any studio for Windows, and Mac to create iOS Apple watch applications.

Advantages of Xamarin for Development

One Technology Stack For All Platforms

Since Xamarin uses C# and .NET framework, it can be used to create apps for all sorts of mobile platforms. Xamarin eliminates switching between various development environments.

Native Performance

Xamarin is mostly used to build native web solutions. Concerning this, Xamarin performance is improved constantly to match native development standards. But the only drawback is, the service is offered at an additional fee.

Full Hardware Support

Not only do you get a native-level app but also full hardware support. It provides access to platform-specific APIs for better functionality, and customization.

Simplified Maintenance

Being a cross-platform application, Xamarin makes updates and maintenance easier. You need to deploy the updates and changes to the source file for both Android and iOS to save money and time.

If you wish to have an app for your business, then choose to Hire Dedicated Xamarin App Developers for outstanding native app development that looks and feels like a native.

charly mnartin
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