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How CG Animation and 3D Rendering Revolutionized Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agencies?

Blake Davies
How CG Animation and 3D Rendering Revolutionized Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agencies?

Animation is the backbone of a digital marketing strategy. It consumes fewer resources than a video, and the impression on the audience is just as effective. Other than this, you need to understand that there are some industries where visuals are far more critical than in others. Real estate is one such industry. 

Before deciding to invest a fortune in something that will be arguably the most valuable asset that they own, people want to see their future homes. They want to know the place that they're buying so that they can envision living there. After all, it's a massive investment and a significant life decision. So, could you potentially use CG animation and 3D rendering to revolutionize your own real estate agency’s digital marketing strategy? Let’s find out!

  1. 3D walkthrough

The first thing worth considering is the relevance of a proper 3D walkthrough to provide your audience with a more immersive experience. Regardless of how simple this is, it is an option that most other real estate agencies still don't have in offer. This alone gives you a tremendous competitive edge. Keep in mind that some of your clients may also have VR devices. This allows them to have a proper VR tour of the place, making your strategy future-proof. Even if they don't have it at the moment, your demographic may have more VR devices in the future.

  1. Unique angle

CG animation and 3D rendering can provide you with a unique angle and make you more marketable. When it comes to digital marketing priorities, you need to focus on giving your clients a reason to choose you. By offering 3D tours, you can make your complete online experience more client-centric. First of all, you will allow them to make more tours than they would otherwise be able to. You will also save their money by not making them spend cash on gas/cab for every single commute. Most importantly, you will save their time. You can use this money/time-saving aspect to demonstrate that you are, indeed, putting your clients first.

  1. CG rendering shows more than just property.

The next thing you need to understand is that CG renders have a chance to show your audience more than just property. Remember how in the majority of TV shows, Mexico is presented through a yellow filter. From the cinematic standpoint, this is done to evoke a sense of heat in the viewer. Through it, a viewer can recognize that this is a different climate that we're talking about and adjust to this idea reasonably effortlessly. A similar thing can be done with CG renders. By providing incredible details of the property, even showing it in different seasons or times of day, you can easily lead them to what life on this property would look/feel like.

  1. Reduction of bounce rate

When your guests access your website, the clocks will start ticking. How fast they leave/how long they stay will determine your SEO rank, seeing how it is a ranking factor. By adding a high-quality render, you have a higher chance of captivating your audience and making them stay a while longer. Every second counts and this is one way your overall visibility in the digital environment can be enhanced. Keep in mind that you can integrate some of these renders into the very design of your home. According to some estimates, homepages with videos have a 34% lower bounce rate. With the help of high-quality animations and renders, you can make this even more effective.

  1. More interesting for social media users

Social media users are easily impressed by stunning visuals. They’re more likely to share this type of content, which will drastically increase your reach. Keep in mind that in 2021, every industry, even real estate, heavily depend on social media reach and influence. Posting 3D walkthroughs will make your social media engagements skyrocket. People are going to be more likely to like, share and comment on such posts. In turn, this will increase your exposure and make you easier to discover by many other clients. Videos and 3D animations are the most shared content on all of the social media. Why not use this knowledge to your advantage?

In conclusion

At the very end, you need to understand that CG animation and 3D rendering can change so much regarding the visual representation of properties online. It's not about stunning or confusing your audience with amazing visuals. Through this method, you’re simply providing your target audience with what they were there to see in the first place – a lifestyle that they could have in their property of choice. This alone is invaluable as a sales tool.

Blake Davies
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