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How to Personalise Your Office In Just a Few Steps

Blake Davies
How to Personalise Your Office In Just a Few Steps

Unfortunately (or fortunately), we spend most of our lives at work. It would be strange to believe that the office environment does not play an important role in our life. A lot of the atmosphere at work depends on the location of the office, interior design and comfort.

Take a look around as if you were in this space for the first time — would you like to stay here and work? If not, then it might be worth changing something right now.


A little bit of math and science


A simple mathematical calculation shows that 22 working days in a month multiplied by 12 equals 264 days in a year. Taking into account the fact that a person works from 23 to 65 years old, it turns out that we spend 30 years of our life in the office. That is why the design of the workplace should not only match the style of the company but also meet your individual preferences: be comfortable, practical and attractive. 


A study by architect Christina Bodin Danielsson of the Royal Technical University in Stockholm found that interior design directly affects performance. Employees who are proud of their office find it easier to deal with other work-related things.


How to arrange a workplace in the office


There are many options for arranging the working desk, from the elementary replacement of stationary storage for pens and markers with original cans with multi-coloured images and ending with more significant changes. For example, rebuilding according to the ancient traditions of Feng Shui or taking into account modern, innovative technologies and devices that create comfort for your working conditions.


Unspoken rules


Some offices do not allow deviations from standard interior solutions, they use the so-called interior “dress code”. Therefore, we will give examples that will not greatly destroy the established ethics of the company.


Taking care of your own health

First, consider the health situation. Modern developments allow reducing the load on the shoulders, back, wrists and the entire body as a whole, using only a few items.


Frequent aching pain in the joints of the hands and wrists occurs due to the tension in your hands. A soft pad for the hands under the keyboard and an original mouse pad with a similar option will help you reduce the load. They will not attract the attention of even strictest and conservative management, but they will greatly help in the fight against the professional illness of office employees.

A monitor arms 


A monitor arms or bracket designed to adjust the angle and height of the monitor. Fitting it for yourself will reduce the stress on the eyes, shoulders and back due to constantly tense muscles. It is not only useful from a practical point of view but also looks impressive and saves space on your desktop.


Portable laptop stand


 It has an adjustable angle of inclination, a reliable lock, holes for cooling the device. Equipped with additional smartphone brackets to keep all your gadgets close at hand.


Feng Shui arrangement


According to this East Asian teaching, there are no trifles in life. Especially when it comes to the desktop, location in space and what is on it.


First of all, attention should be paid to the zoning of the office desk space:


Career zone. The area should be free between your hands and the keyboard.

Family area. Left, between the keyboard and the monitor. This is the best place to place a family photo.

Knowledge zone. Far-left corner of the table. Here you should store paper documents and books. Something that is used extremely rarely, but is of material value.

Wealth zone. Top left corner of the table. Territory for a money toad, money tree or another living plant.

The health zone is in the background, to the left of the monitor. This is actually a place to store the documents you are currently working on. It is understood that they are located where they are easy to reach without changing the position in the chair. This saves energy for improving health.

Zone of fame and reputation. On the opposite side of the screen. This place is the object of your pride: a sports cup, medal, diploma or just a picture of a person whom you consider successful.

Zone of love. Farthest from you, right corner of the desk. A place to store a valuable souvenir, presented by a loved one, an amulet, flowers.

The creative zone is located just below, where documents are stored, the work on which has already been completed. 


Workplace ideas


Everything that is on your desk, except for work accessories and documents, should be designed not only for aesthetic and interior improvement but also perform other equally useful functions:


Relieve stress — for this, you can use soft colours, oriental balls, hourglass.

Relaxation — objects that can distract from the work process, bring pleasant memories. The best option would be family photos, souvenirs, funny inscriptions.

Motivation is the goal of raising the spirits to continue working. Something that can personally make you work with even more enthusiasm.

Inspiration is creativity and nothing more. Stylish diary for notes, fleeting sketches.


Flowers and plants


The interior of any room can be improved with flowers and plants, even a boring office. Well-chosen office plants have a positive effect on health: by humidifying the air and neutralising harmful radiation and microbes. Chlorophytum, dracaena, laurel, ivy, fern or any plant with fleshy leaves are your incomparable helpers in the fight for beauty and health. For lovers of more decorative flowers, violets, cyclamen and azalea are suitable.


Three principles to follow:

a single colour scheme for pots (containers) for flowers (preferably neutral monochromatic);

plants should look good, remove dry and wilted branches;

flowers should not interfere with free movement around the office.


Pleasant things for pauses


An enjoyable coffee or tea pause — this drinking experience certainly requires an item from which you will drink. Whether it will be a thin, graceful porcelain cup and saucer or a large thick-walled mug (even in the kitsch style), depends on your preferences — the main thing is that you like it and it brings you joy. Ruthlessly throw away cracked and chipped cups, no matter how much you like them — do not allow flawed details in your life. If you break your cups very often, buy a stylish metal one.


Unique stylish calendars


Hang a beautiful calendar next to you, preferably a tear-off one, so that the picture changes in front of your eyes every month. You should not choose the image of cats and dogs. It is better to choose a calendar with beautiful landscapes or works of art. If you don't need a calendar, select reproductions with beautiful views (breathtaking ocean waves, fresh and colourful forest, snow-capped mountains) or paintings by famous (or unknown) artists. Any reproduction should have a zest that evokes positive emotions and clings.


Other details


You can put an elegant small vase of geometric shapes (transparent or in corporate office colours). On occasion, you will not need to think about where to put a small bouquet of flowers. Small relaxers will look great: in the form of an aquarium with fish, a table fountain (with or without sound), containers with multi-coloured paints (put upside down, they delight with an extravaganza of colours) or an unusual table clock. Great detail for your office will be a unique, interesting personalised doormat. Everybody will notice it and immediately recognise your office. It will be a great way to personalise your office and smile every time you enter it. You just need to think of design and colour. It can be your name or a quote from your favourite movie, just use your imagination!




A clean, organised and personalised workplace greatly improves efficiency, concentration and mood. You will be amazed at how much more efficient your work can be after removing clutter from your desk and office and adding a few special details to it. Use these tips and enjoy the process. Don’t forget that even small changes can make a big difference.

Blake Davies
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