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How To Prepare Your Home For Vacation

How To Prepare Your Home For Vacation

There are a lot of things to remember before going on your vacation. For making your vacation relaxing and worry-free you must take the whole security measures in-home and surroundings. Almost every people, buy new things including the right outfits, new shoes and prepare their bags and get ready for their vacation. However, they may fail to take the needed security measures and this may interfere with your trip so that you couldn't enjoy the whole trip. So let's discuss the major tips for preparing the home that you must follow before going on a vacation:

Preparing your home and surroundings.

Safety is the major problem faced by many people while going for a vacation. However, with the advancements in technology, you can ensure high security in your home and surrounding.

1. Do not keep your spare keys under the mat or flower pots as these spots are common key-hiding places and can be easily identified by burglars. Before going on your trip you must hand over the keys to your neighbor or any trusted person or keep them safely with you.

2. You must inform your nearest post office about the trip and give instructions to the respected person not to put newspapers or mails. Since ill-minded people watch this pilled-up mails and they can identify that you are out of the house.

3. Park your car, bicycles, or motor vehicles in the garage, and don't forget to lock the garage with a better lock system.

4. Ensure your home and surroundings are secured with high-technology security devices. You can use the security camera and alarm monitoring systems to prevent the entry of intruders and robbers.

5. Installing a door access control device can limit the entry of others into your house.A door access control system provides only the entry of a person with the access key.

6. A dark house always attracts burglars and thieves. Switch on all lights in your surroundings and backyards. You can set up a timer light system for switching on the lights automatically after six or seven pm. This will helps your neighbors to identify any kind of theft or robbery on your property.

7. Trim your lawn and short-height plants. Because these plants make hiding places for ill-minded people if they are not trimmed to short sizes.

8. Always keep your valuable things including money, gold, or any high-cost electrical devices in a safe locker. Do not place your belongings carelessly or near windows. And don't forget to hide your interior by hanging curtains on the windows and doors.

Plumbing and electrical precautions

Common and severe dangers are usually happened due to your carelessness on your electrical and plumbing devices. Along with installing home security devices for your home and its surrounding, it's very important to check all your interior devices and do the maintenance if necessary. Below are some important points you should not avoid check before going on your vacation:

1. Many people switch off their air conditioner to save energy while going for a vacation. But this may damage your house as too much temperature or humidity negatively affect wooden furniture and fixtures. Check your air conditioning system and maintain both temperature and humidity at the appropriate levels.
2. Switch off all the other electrical devices including the heater system of the toilet and bathroom, all lights and fan, check your TV computers and stereos, etc before starting your vacation.
3. Do not plug off your refrigerator as it may decay the other essential food items in it and sometimes bad smell and fungus may arise if it is completely switched off. Also, remove all sudden decay food items and clean the outer and inner portions of your refrigerator.
4. Check all your plumbing systems and turn off water valves to the dishwasher, washing machine, and all sinks. If there is any leakage of any value in your water supply systems, clear it immediately before going on vacation. Put faucet drip to avoid freezing pipes if there is a freezing alert.
5. Check the smoke detectors and gas connections in the kitchen and ensure they are properly maintained.

General home preparation

Here is some common home preparation that you must conduct before your vacation.

1. Ensure all windows and doors are locked safely.
2. Lock your backyard and outdoor shed or garage properly.
3. Clean the sink and do not forget to wash all the used kitchen utensils.
4. Do not post your travel planning on social media or if you want to post, make sure your account and your posts are set up to the private option.
5. Dispose of all your left behind food items from the kitchen to avoid the rotten smell.
6. Clean off your trash bins
7. Give your emergency contact information to a neighbor
8. If you are planning your vacation in the winter season, do all winter safety measures for your car or any other vehicles to avoid damage.

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