Christmas box With Bottle Handle

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There are many universal, practical, and multifunctional boxes, but one of the most popular, most often ordered from us, is a "suitcase with handles." This container is an excellent option for packaging any bottle of products. It is firmly fixed and allows you to transport the goods safely. In this case, we have made just such containers for the client. Only they were not ordinary, but with a bright Christmas design.

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Custom-made boxes

On the eve of the holiday, the customer ordered corrugated cardboard boxes for his products. They were intended to deliver bottles of various drinks. He had several wishes about the future packaging. It should be of high quality, environmentally friendly, and attractive.

We used the brand's three-layer white-brown corrugated cardboard as a material. It is substantially more durable than normal and can support significantly more weight.

Convenient handle design

Considering the client's products and the purpose of the container, we immediately offered him a reliable box of the "suitcase" type (according to the catalog, it has the identifier). Such a container is durable and allows you to carry fragile goods safely.

As a material, we took a three-layer white-brown corrugated cardboard of the brand. It is stronger than the standard and can withstand significantly more weight.

Festive packaging - bright design

The layout was provided by our client and developed by a designer from the client's side. Beautiful New Year's illustrations and corporate colors of the company - all this is perfectly combined on the cardboard packaging.

We applied the design using modern technology of two-color flexo printing. The matched pantones are deep black and green.

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The result is a special Christmas box.

Our client received practical and reliable boxes with a handle for his bottle products. Cardboard products stood out for their vibrant, festive designs. They were also:

  • selling (corporate colors and signs are located on the largest edges of the container, which makes them even more noticeable, a unique Christmas design was also used, developed specifically for these holiday boxes);
  • Universal (absolutely all clients' goods can be packed in boxes, even if they differ in physical characteristics: length, width, thickness, etc.);
  • Practical (the design with cardboard handles greatly simplifies the process of transporting goods).

Everything was ready in 15 days.

Unusual bottle boxes were made promptly and on time. There were four stages in total, each of which took a certain number of days:

  • choice of design and dies - 1 day;
  • flexo form production - 2 days;
  • selection of panties, design adaptation - 2 days;
  • Production of a batch of 1,000 pieces - 10 days.

Do you need gift wrapping for bottles?

The specialists of our company have colossal experience in the manufacture of corrugated packaging for various businesses. And if you need cardboard packaging for transportation and packaging of fragile glass products: bottles, souvenirs, cosmetics, and other goods, don't hesitate to contact us!

We will be happy to make a unique box for your product, which will distinguish the product from competitors and become part of your brand!


sm custom packaging6
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