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Why do people buy Twitter accounts?

Roy bardin
Why do people buy Twitter accounts?

Twitter is a social networking site launched in 2006 by Jack Dorsey and undoubtedly it is one of the most popular social media platforms available today, with 100 million daily active users and 500 million tweets sent daily.  To know what’s happening in the world and right now what people are talking about all know by signing for up an account. It allows users to post or discover stories regarding today’s biggest events and news that is going through the world you can simply communicate with friends otherwise you can also follow people or companies that post content they enjoy consuming. To increase brand awareness and delight their audience PR teams and marketers also use Twitter. It is basically used to receive, follow high profile celebrities, or stay in touch with old high school friends.

Twitter is one of the most known platforms to keep you up with the latest trends and conversions. It helps you discover which social media challenges they are trying and which shows people are watching. To follow your favorite brands and take part in trending conversions you can use Twitter on daily basis.


How does it work?

Twitter is very easy om use as either broadcaster or a receiver. You can join Twitter for free and name your account you can use it whenever you like to send broadcasts (tweets) daily. hourly, or as frequently and you can write 280 or fewer characters, and click tweet on the what’s happening box next to your profile image. People who follow you, and potentially others who don’t, will see your tweet. To build up a following slowly let your friends know you are on Twitter. It etiquette calls for you to follow them back. You can follow to subscribe to the tweets if you find someone intrusting  ( celebrities included)  and you can unfollow them always if their tweets aren’t as interesting as you hoped.  At any time you go to your account at twitter.com to read your Twitter feed, which is continually changing as people post. Check out trending topics to see what’s going on in the world. 

Benefits of Twitter accounts



  • Gain valuable customer insights



Twitter sees 6000 tweets every second. This puts into perspective how actively people are using it as a conversation platform. And for businesses, these conversations can prove to be a valuable source of customer insights. Using Twitter can help you research trends and topics that your audience cares about you know how to reach them more effectively. fact, according to joe rice, who leads Twitter EMEA data & enterprise solutions,” Twitter is the world’s largest focus group because, at its core, Twitter is a consumer insights engine.



  • Build brand personality and awareness



To establish your brand personality and growing awareness twitter is highly effective that how should you style your tweets and engage with your audience on Twitter

One of the top benefits of Twitter for business is that it lets you start conversations with your target audience and share information quickly. In turn, your audience would find your tweets and contains valuable and ideally, even share them with their followers. Make sure you use a tone that aligns with your brand voice and personality. The type of conversations and topics you’re interested in and the tone in your tweets will help you attract an audience whose views align with yours.



  • Deliver customer support and gather feedback


According to rice, “the most advanced brands see Twitter as a vital marketing, customer care and market research medium that can provide valuable insights on every aspect of their business.”

And rightly so. The platform makes it easy for the customers to reach out to brands and provide their feedback or ask for help. Brands can then use this as an opportunity to not only collect vital feedback to improve their products but also to deliver the support their customers need. 

Roy bardin
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