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Aug 02, 2021 09:19

Marketing is an important duty for any company. Marketing isn't just for promoting products and services.

Marketing aids in the enhancement of a company's brand image and consumer involvement. A solid marketing plan is linked to a variety of essential business functions.

Consider the following definition of marketing from the AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION:

"Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large."

There are numerous reasons why marketing is important. Now, let's get right to the point about how important marketing is in every business.





  • It notifies

Marketing can assist in informing clients about your product. You surely know everything there is to know about your product. Do your customers, on the other hand, know? People should be informed on what your product does and how it operates if you want to sell it.


  • It equates

Today is the digital world's era. Traditional procedures have been replaced by digitalization. Digital marketing has become the new normal as a result of this innovation. The cost of marketing has been substantially decreased thanks to digital marketing. Small enterprises are also flourishing as a result of lower costs. It aids in the equalization of large organizations and small ones.


  • It sustains

Marketing is believed to be the organization's food, not its medication. Instead of being a cure for a loss of engagement, marketing should be used to maintain the organization's existence. Marketing aids in the maintenance of a long-term consumer relationship. It allows the company to grow in the long run.


  • It engages

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of any successful business. Marketing enables a company to maintain contact with clients after they have left. If a customer goes inside your store, you continue to engage and communicate with them. Customers now desire engagement outside of the store as well. This is where marketing comes in, providing them with material to keep them engaged long after store hours.


  • It sells

Any organization's primary goal is to make money. Organizations can achieve this goal with the help of marketing. Selling is the most important aspect of producing money. Marketing enables businesses to promote their products and services. According to experts, businesses would not have existed without marketing. Because the only activity that generates leads is marketing. 


  • It expands

Only marketing can assist you in growing or developing your firm. Your present customers, on the other hand, should be your top priority. However, marketing can assist you in increasing your consumer base. If done correctly, small efforts like social media posts or an email campaign may rocket your customer base.

The reasons listed above are the most important reasons why marketing is critical for any business. Marketing is one of the most important components in a company's ability to function, grow, and expand.

Now that we've covered the advantages of marketing for your company, let's move on to the next step. Let's take a look at the economic impact of marketing.




  • Marketing aids in the promotion of products and services. It aims to turn potential customers into purchasers.
  • Increased sales of a company's goods and services will result from increased buyer numbers.
  • The more sales you have, the more likely you are to expand.
  • Organizational growth creates more jobs for ordinary people and more tax money for governments.
  • There will be more jobs available and more income for the said government. This will result in economic development.
  • Indeed, the marketing business generates employment and income. Businesses are looking for fresh and creative ways to promote their products and services.

Marketing has numerous advantages for both businesses and the economy. Although marketing appears to be a straightforward process, it actually entails a number of different duties. Marketing is a multi-step process that includes a variety of activities. 



There are four components to the marketing process:



  • An examination of marketing strategy

A sort of analysis that involves a market survey is strategic marketing analysis. The marketer examines the connected facts of clients in this study. He or she also conducts research on competitors in order to devise new strategies. Making a business plan is quite similar to conducting a strategic marketing study. It's like a blueprint that needs to be followed.


  • Creating a marketing approach

Planning the marketing mix entails considering the four Ps. These are the four Ps:

Product: The product is the plan's principal character. It encompasses both the company's products and services.

Place: This planning involves the company's distribution strategy.

Price: This refers to how much the customer will spend on the offering.

Promotion: The manner of presenting the product to the target market is included in this planning. 


  • Application of marketing

It is the practice of capturing a plan and putting it into action with your team. Deadlines are established, and marketers look for assistance through collaborations. Without a proper execution strategy, no planning is worthwhile.


  • Marketing control

Marketing control entails keeping track of the entire strategy. The marketer observes each action in this stage. If he discovers a flaw, he immediately takes corrective measures.



Marketing is critical to the success of any business. A business without marketing is similar to a vehicle without a track. It is not going to move forward. We've covered some of the essential reasons why marketing is important in any business in this blog. I hope you found this blog to be useful.

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Aug 02, 2021 09:19
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