How to know if you have a dry skin?

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Proper skincare is a struggle in itself, but you can face serious skin issues if you have dry skin. Contrary to popular belief, dry skin is not usually severe, but using products made for other skin types can damage your skin. It happens when people don’t know they have dry skin due to factors, such as cold and hot weather or low moisture in the air. We will help you determine when you have dry skin to use effective dry skin care products at the right time. 

Dry skin is mostly a winter thing, but sometimes it may turn into a lifelong condition if proper nourishment is not provided on time. Here are the symptoms of dry skin: 

  • Rough looking skin
  • Skin tightness especially after bathing, swimming, or showering
  • Itchiness in the skin all the time (pruritus)
  • Slight or severe flaking, peeling or scaling of the skin
  • Cracks or fine lines
  • Ashy, gray skin
  • Deep cracks that may bleed sometimes
  • Redness in the skin

If you have any of these symptoms, we recommend using dry skin care products right now or you may have to see a skin care specialist soon. To get proper nourishment to your skin, try products from reputed brands on dedicated skincare platforms such as Dream Skin Haven

Dream Skin Haven
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