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Is Skin Care Actually Necessary? What is the Purpose of Skin Care Products?

Is Skin Care Actually Necessary? What is the Purpose of Skin Care Products?

Using only moisturizer keeps my skin glowing, and I don't need a skincare routine or products. Why do we need a skincare routine? After all, soap and cream are good enough. Do we still need skin care products if we go to parlours regularly? Are you giving yourself these reasons for not using skin care products? If that is so, then it's not the right way to think. Once you have crossed the age of twenty, your skin has fully matured into adult skin, and the baby or the kid's products would not be good enough for your skin anymore. As you start moving towards your mid-twenties, you need to realize your skin's needs. So, today in this blog, our skin experts from Gorjus Whip will find the essentials of skincare and what is the purpose of a good skin care product.  

Essentials of a Skincare  

  1. Cleansing: This is the first step of your daily skincare. With a gentle cleanser or soap, you can cleanse your skin. This step would help you clear the smoke and dust off your face. As you have walked out and about, your face has been exposed to multiple particles that might harm your skin. Therefore, it is crucial to cleanse your skin gently with an avenue skin care body wash.  
  2. Exfoliate: You must be wondering why we need exfoliation after cleansing. Exfoliation is the most crucial step. It helps you remove the penetrated dirt particles and dead skins that might clog your skin pores. That would lead to white and blackheads. If you don't exfoliate, these particles will make your skin look dull and soon become the victim of pigmentation and dark spots.  
  3. Toning: Toner helps you clear the residual dirt and dead skin after exfoliation. Sometimes the soap or exfoliator gets stuck in your skin; therefore, you must take a minimal amount of toner on a cotton ball and gently rub it all over your face. This step will give you a nice clean look after you are done.  
  4. Vitamins and serums: Vitamins like E and C are perfect for daily treatments and protect you from the sun and its damage, whereas Vitamin A helps regenerate healthier skin at night and in eye bags. Some brightening and hydrating serums are packed with these vitamins and will help keep your skin moisturized, hydrated, and nourished, as these serums have better penetration than a moisturizer.  
  5. Moisturizer: Yes, although we have applied the serum, we need a moisturizer for healthy skin. Moisturizers depend on your skin type, like oily, dry, or combination skin. It helps you in keeping your skin evenly toned. And as mentioned earlier, it is time to get an anti-aging moisturizer. If you start using anti-aging moisturizer and massage, it will help you smoothen the fine lines and make you feel and look younger. For the body, you may use the body butter and buttah skin care products.  
  6. Sunblock: Even if you are not stepping out of your home or office, you must use sunblock after moisturizing your skin. The harmful UV rays can penetrate your skin even when you are at home through the windows. Therefore, sunblock will help keep your skin safe from sun damage and youthful.  

The purpose of a good skincare routine is not because it is trending; I must follow what others are doing. Because time has changed, the weather significantly impacts our skin, sun UV rays have proven to give us more problems than just skin damage like skin cancer, and women have started looking older than their actual age. Now, let us understand the purpose of skin care.


The purpose of skincare

  1. Good healthy skin:  We all want always to look young and fresh. But the important is that we look after our skin. Not let it damage by various factors.  
  2. Beauty: Yes, to look good. Healthy skin will glow and will be youthful. It will look hydrated, with no signs of spots and uneven skin tone.  
  3. Prevention: By prevention, we mean damages like dark spots, black and whiteheads, eye bags, and even skin cancer and other problems that might occur if we don't look after our skin from the beginning.  

Final thought  

A skincare routine helps keep your skin healthy and beautiful and prevents diseases like skin cancer. These damages can be quickly taken care of by maintaining a good skincare routine like cleansing, exfoliation, toning, serums, vitamins, moisturizing, and sunblock. Another important step is following the same pattern at night before you retire to your bed but instead of sunblock, use night repair cream to help your skin repair and use eye masks. 

If you don't take care of your skin, then your skin will start sagging, become dull and dry, develop dark spots and pigmentations, and fill with black and white heads. This routine will make you look thirty years old, whereas you are just in your early twenties. If you stop taking care, fine lines will also start building up. Therefore, a healthy skincare routine with good skincare products is necessary. Speak to a specialist about the best skin care products at Gorjus whip at www.gorjuswhip.com now!

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