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11 Factors You Should Check for Choosing a Digital Marketing Company in India

Anna Sharland
11 Factors You Should Check for Choosing a Digital Marketing Company in India

According to Lauro Media, 93% of all online interactions start with the search engine. Connecting with the best digital marketing company is the essence to stay in the competition. With tons of options out there, you can easily fall for a company lacking prior experience and digital marketing expertise.


In most cases, it soon turns into your worst nightmare. Inspection and investigation are your best tools to choose a company that truly delivers and keeps word. 


Remember! You may have the best website design and a fantastic speed performance and still fail to make it big in the industry. If you are not on the top 5 search engine results, clients don't find you credible. 


As per Web Development Stats, 63% of people trust the top 5 websites, products, services, etc., displayed on the search engine results. The better the ranks are, the higher the chances of conversion. 


To connect with the top digital marketing agency, you need to analyze the following factors about the firm:

1. Get to know the company before hiring


2. Look at client references and reviews


3. Ensure that you understand the project


4. Choose a company based on the deliverables and timelines


5. Assess the company's experience in your field


6. Inspect their level of expertise


7. Getting the right value for your money


8. Consider modes of communication


9. Do they provide other similar services?


10. Investigate the privacy policy


11. Get a free consultation

Here’s a detailed discussion of the above factors 


#1: Get to know the company before hiring

Source: PixelCrayons


Perhaps this is among the most crucial factors that you must check before contracting the services of any digital marketing company. Analyzing the company's portfolio first would help you decide better. You need to contact them via phone and email, as well as meet them face-to-face if possible. 


When you outsource the services to a foreign land, prefer conducting meetings on video conference, it will enable you with better insight into the company's reputation, expertise in digital marketing, and whether they have the right communication skills for doing business. 


#2: Look at client references and reviews


Whether it is a simple startup of a small group of experts or a large enterprise, checking their client references would always be wise. Their previous clients have already gone through the process, and they can tell you how well they were satisfied with the company's services. 


If there are no reviews or specific references available, you need to inspect; further, this could be a red flag before proceeding! Hire an SEO expert that does not shy away from showcasing its previous client's feedback.


Reviews and ratings offer you more significant insights into the firm's attitude towards work. According to Rev Local, 91% of users trust online reviews. You can take an extra step by reviewing the authenticity of the reviews. 


For example, you can observe the company's reputation over independent rating agencies like Clutch, GoodFirms, etc. Having a good reputation over independent rating agencies is an indication of providing trustworthy and excellent services.  


#3: Ensure that you understand the project


It would prove helpful if you made sure that you thoroughly understand the digital marketing project before signing any contract. You need to know everything about your project as this will help you decide whether the company is offering the best services or not.


You can do it by asking questions and getting answers regarding their pricing plans, deliverables, timelines, and other information you may need for this project. Don't just believe words. Consult the strategy that the company is planning to follow on the project. 


#4: Choose a company based on the deliverables and timelines

Look for the best digital marketing team to develop an action plan that suits your budget and goals! If you plan to produce results, choose a digital marketing company that will provide you with specific deliverables regarding your project. 


An excellent digital marketing team will present realistic plans, timelines, and budgets as well. What specific keywords you will be gaining ranks on. What is the total search volume of these keywords? 


You might find some exclusively technical terms that are tough to grasp. But don't shy away from doing a google search or ask the company directly about them. The idea is to clear any ambiguity and have neat expectations, which you can verify with a few clicks and scrolls. 


Inspect whether the company follows a first-time-right approach on the project. The first-time-right process requires intensive research and analysis but produces commendable results for your website or web app.


#5: Assess the company's experience in your field


If you plan to leverage digital marketing services to sell a product or service, make sure that they have previous experience in this field. Hiring a digital marketing company with real-world experience is the best idea for a successful campaign!


Source: Statista


It is challenging to hire a content writer that creates unique and inspiring content for products and services in a few lines. An eCommerce company can display a limited quantity of words, so the company's content team must be skilled and creative to handle the challenge.


#6: Inspect their level of expertise


What is essential to look at here is that all digital marketing companies are not equal! It would be beneficial to find one who offers excellent strategies and has a proven track record for delivering results. So before picking them up, you must make sure that they are experts in your field.


To ensure you are in the right hands, ask for proven work records and case studies. Case studies offer you a detailed strategy about the firm and the key achievements of the firm. 


#7: Get the correct value for your money


Undoubtedly, you would love to get maximum results from your digital marketing campaign without having to spend too much! When you choose between two or three digital marketing companies, make sure that you choose the one that offers excellent value for your money. 


If both can provide the same services and deliverables, go with a lower quote or offer more affordable pricing plans! Additionally, you can check whether the company offers price matching services.


Price matching allows you to address any unfair charges levied on you by the digital marketing firm. It gives you the ultimate comfort and lets you trust the firm without anxiety and suspicion.


#8: Consider modes of communication 


If their communication skills are exceptional, then it is undoubtedly going to make your life easier. You can easily ask them for any assistance-related issues and get immediate responses! Do they let you connect over calls, texts, emails at your preferable time zone? 


When outsourcing digital marketing services to a firm, it is essential to look at time-zone compatibility. Hire an SMO expert from India, where the company works 24/7, suiting clients' time zone. 


#9: Do they provide other similar services


Also, it is vital to choose a digital marketing company that has an impressive technological setup. They should provide you with all necessary online services such as social media management, web development, SEO/SEM, mobile app development, email marketing, etc.

Source: Statista Search Engine Market


Companies providing an extensive array of similar services resonate with the updates and new technology trends. Leveraging the latest trends lets you stay ahead of the competition.  


#10: Investigate the privacy policy


It is essential to check the privacy policy of digital marketing companies to protect your information such as name, address, social security numbers, or other confidential information! So, make sure that the company you go for has these things written in their privacy policy!


Also, look for a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement policy. Although it might seem insignificant, it is wise to keep your plans and strategies hidden from the competitors. 


#11: Get a free consultation 


Free consultation would be an excellent way for you to know about their services, pricing plans, and timelines! It also helps you understand if it is going to be a perfect match or not. So do not forget to ask for it!


Always remember, it is better to be safe than sorry!


Before you hire your digital marketing company, I recommend you do some good research and verify whether they are reliable. It would not hurt to have expert advice on hand as well! 


So, start by identifying at least four or five digital marketing companies and then conduct further research so that you are about to hire the most reliable one for your business.


Wrapping Up


That was all about the critical factors you need to consider for choosing the best digital marketing company. Performing them requires hard work and time but also pays off in the long run. 


I hope the blog proves helpful in making the best choice.


Anna Sharland
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