What Is The Importance Of Cleaning Your Computer? Webroot Antivirus

John Ruth
Aug 09, 2021 10:18

Secure your data with clean software Regular program updates and internet security software help keep viruses, malware, hackers out of your computer. You can help your computer save files by backing them, deleting unneeded programs, and performing other maintenance tasks such as defragmenting the drive.  Www.webroot.com/safe


How to clean your computer's program? 

After your computer's physical components are cleaned, you can now focus on the programs that create or store your information. Here are some tips to make sure your computer's "minds" are as clean as its physical parts:

It's important to back it up

It is essential to back up your data frequently. Although a tablet or laptop can be repaired, the data inside may be irreplaceable. There are two options when it comes to backing up data. You can either make a backup in a physical place, such as an external hard drive or thumbdrive, or you can store it online in a secure location. Whatever you decide, back up your computer at minimum once per week. If you're working on a vital document, such as a contract for a business or collection of family photos, you should backup it more frequently.

Protect against malware

Internet security software protects your data from malicious viruses and malware.

Clean out outdated programs and update your software

Older software is more vulnerable to malware because updates are often made to protect it. Keep your software up-to-date. Ensure that you are using all the software on your computer while you update. This will ensure your computer isn't clogged up with unnecessary data and limit the amount of malware that could "hijack" the system.

Make your digital life more tidy

It is time to get rid of all digital dust bunnies, including programs that you don't use or files that aren't important. These are some quick tips to help you get started.

Cleanup your PC workspace

Short-cuts are created by some programs and will appear as icons on your desktop. You can delete short-cuts you don't need, but it won't erase the program. It will help keep your desktop organized.

Get organized

You can create categories for your files such as work, financial statements and family photos. Next, create and label folders that you can use to organize your files. Unimportant files should be deleted. Once everything is done, create a backup of your files to keep them safe in another location.

Update your passwords

Even if you aren't doing spring cleaning, it is a smart digital security practice to regularly update your passwords across all devices and accounts. Your digital life is secured by passwords. For each account, ensure that you use a unique and complex password. Webroot Identity Safe, a free password manager tool, can make it easier to log in to your favorite websites. If you have two-factor authentication enabled, opt in to it whenever possible.

Don't forget about your digital footprint

Your digital footprint includes everything you do online, from comments on news articles or social media to online purchases. Here are some ways to check yours.

You can enter your name in several search engines

You can search multiple engines for your first or last name. Look up your previous name as well as your current name if you have recently changed your name. Also, try common misspellings. Take a look at the first two pages. Are they positive? Are they positive? Ask the administrator to remove anything that you don’t like.

Double-check your privacy settings but don't put too much faith in them

Privacy settings allow you to limit who can see your posts via social media. These settings can be complicated so spend some time learning about them. Facebook, for instance, allows you to not only limit the visibility of posts to friends but also to create customized lists that allow you to see specific posts. Privacy settings are only available on the social media platform that you use. Some Facebook users reported that they found their friends-locked photos as public images via Google Image Search.

For instructions on how to set up Webroot, please visit Webroot Setup. Webroot.com/safe

John Ruth
Aug 09, 2021 10:18
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