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Digital Signature: Future Of Digital World | JNR | PKI Blog

JNR Management
Digital Signature: Future Of Digital World | JNR | PKI Blog

As our country is becoming Digital India, it is our turn to make the process digital, digitalize our clients and their books by using Digital Signature on Invoice. Keeping this fact in mind Digital signing solutions for your documents becomes all the very more important. Now you can digitally sign invoices, POs, challans, and other important forms that need to be submitted online. Working with a digitally signed document not only saves time of physically signing the documents and courier but greatly reduces the turnaround time of the invoicing by a great deal. With a digital signing solution, you can also automate the process of digitally signing the documents when the volume is large.

Digital Signing solution

Further, to define a digital signature, then you can say it is an e signature that can be used to authenticate the integrity and validity of a document.


The main benefits of using a digital signature certificate are: 

  • Improve Business Processes
  • Save Time for More Important Tasks
  • reduces the transaction cost,
  • enhances the security
  • improves speed, among others.
  • can work on all types of documents be it a PDF or some other format.
  • Reduce Waste and Improve Your Carbon Footprint
  • Satisfied Customers


How do digital signatures work?

PKI forms the backbone of the digital signing solution. Using a public key algorithm like RSA which mathematically generates 2 interlinked keys – one private and the other public. The sender signs the document using a solution from a Digital Signing service provider using the private key and the document’s electronic data is encrypted which is called hash and then the user at the receiver’s end can access it after decrypting it using the public key. If even the hash is changed by one bit, then it would not match with the hash value at the receiver’s end and it proves that the data has been tampered with and the system will notify the users.


It becomes important to choose a digital signing solution wisely to have a hassle-free experience in the digital transformation journey for your documents at work and JNR Management is a pioneer in Digital Signing Solutions with Automation. Our Solutions are easy to use and integrate with almost every existing or new applications.

JNR Management is one of the best digital signature solution providers in Delhi which help you provide the right solution for your digital signatures needs. JNR Management Resources Pvt. Ltd. has been a foremost player in the PKI industry for decades, catering to cutting-edge IT security solutions to safeguard government, enterprises, and other financial organizations. Moreover, our platinum partnership with DigiCert (formerly Symantec) and other renowned OEMs has further inspired us to do more in the industry, which has given new heights to our transcendence. We enjoy the honor of being acknowledged as a “Platinum Elite” certified partner of DigiCert in India & South East Asia.

JNR Management
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