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Famous reviews
Famous Review | Product Reviews | Buying Guides

Famous reviews

We are here to provide unbiased reviews of products like home appliances, kitchen appliances, computers, sports, personal care, etc.

Best Steam Sterilizers for Feeding Bottles (Reviews with Buyers Guide) 2021

The moment you become a parent you are headed with a lot of responsibilities. There might be many harmful things coming in your baby's way, and as a mother, you need to protect him/her from those things.

It is also true that the most delicate time in a baby's life is the initial 12 months. During this time, you need to give utmost attention to your baby and proper hygiene needs to be maintained always.

Pet Dog Beds in India – Reviews  and Buying Guide

A furry friend is always a man’s best friend who loves you unconditionally and thus, it is the responsibility of the owner to give him love and care. Dogs are loyal, innocent, and friendly companions who cannot take care of themselves and you need to take care of them.

For this, you need to provide them with all kinds of accessories like a collar, bowls, dog food, leashes, blankets, brushes, etc. Along with this, there is another important thing which you should give to your dog is the dog bed. Just like us, they also need to have space where they can rest and have a comfortable nap.

Best Exercise Bike for Weight Loss at Home (Exercise Cycle)

Many of us are interested in losing weight and getting in shape and consider it as a priority. But, due to insufficient time, we are not able to go for gym workouts for hours. In such a case, home exercise equipment proves to be helpful and the best exercise bike for weight loss at home can be used.

Best Exercise Bike for Weight Loss at Home
Exercise Bike for Weight Loss at Home

Another name for the exercise bike is stationary bike While pedalling on an exercise bike at a moderate speed for 30 minutes can help in burning 311 calories which indicate that you can lose weight through an exercise bike in an easy and fast way.

You can burn more calories at a time if you increase the speed of pedalling. With the help of an exercise bike, you lose weight and reduce body fat and become stronger. It also helps in lowering high blood pressure, regulates blood sugar, reduces bad cholesterol, and prevents heart attacks.

Below are the reviews of the best exercise bikes for weight loss at home, which will help you select one for yourself.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Under 20000 in India

Do you want to get the floors of your home cleaned without moving a finger? This can be done by a robot vacuum cleaner. This option is more affordable than ever and is worth buying. We have rounded up the best robot vacuum cleaner under 20000 in India to help you to select the right product for you.

It is a new change in the vacuums, with a robot vacuum cleaner, there is no need to drag an unwieldy plastic hose that is connected to a wheeled canister. You do not need to get off the couch. To dispose of dust, debris, and pet hair in your home, there are many good robot vacuum cleaners available. For your convenience, we have rounded up the highest-rated robot vacuum cleaners and also added the buyer’s guide to help you in finding the right product.



Famous reviews
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