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What is waxing?

What is waxing?

Waxing (waxing) or waxing is a type of hair removal, hair removal with melted wax.

The essence of the procedure: a layer of molten wax (creamy state) is applied with a spatula or roller onto the skin of the treated area, cooled, the field of which is carefully removed along with the hair.

Result: the skin becomes smoother and further hair growth slows down.

Waxing is considered one of the most affordable ways to remove unwanted hair.wax depilation

There are three types of waxing:

- wax depilation with cold wax ( cold wax that does not require heating is used).

Disadvantages of this type: the cunning one does not come out completely, which means that after 3-7 days the hair will reappear on the body.

- wax depilation with warm wax (application temperature of such wax is 37-40 C). This wax removes hair from arms, legs, back, chest. High-quality wax can not only remove unwanted hair but also restore the metabolic processes of the skin, moisturize the skin.

Since in the process of wax depilation, the stratum corneum of the skin is exfoliated (i.e., it scrubs it) and the temperature of the skin increases by 1-2 degrees - all creams, oils, emulsions penetrate the skin better, moisturizing and nourishing it.

Result: smooth, silky, healthy skin.

- wax depilation with hot wax (application temperature of such wax is 45-48 C).

The hot wax has been specially formulated for the depilation of sensitive areas (bikini, underarms, and face).

Such wax warms up the skin and allows you to remove hair completely along with the cunning, without injuring the skin, without violating the integrity of the skin (including the mucous membrane).

Hot wax is melted in a special wax melt, applied with a spatula (individual for each client), and removed by hand.

Hot wax depilation is less painful and very comfortable for clients with different pain thresholds.

Depending on the individual characteristics of each person's body and the zone chosen for epilation, the effect can last from 2 to 6 weeks. It should be remembered that in addition to hair, wax also removes the top layer of dead skin cells, as a result of which the skin becomes lighter and smoother, but also more vulnerable.

Advantages of waxing:

- peeling and depilation - in one procedure: with hair, wax removes not only hairs from the skin , but also all dead cells.

- get rid of unwanted hair for 3-4 weeks.

- you can sunbathe before the procedure and one day after the wax depilation (epilation) procedure.

Attention: wax depilation (wax epilation) is carried out with a hair length of at least 4 mm and the absence of skin diseases.

At the beginning of the procedure, it is not recommended to sunbathe, and also to use a scrub.

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After the procedure, it is necessary to refrain from visiting saunas, baths and solarium for two days, and also not to sunbathe.

Before waxing, you should not use any creams or lotions, if you are going to epilate in the armpit, you should not use deodorants.

If waxing is carried out in the summer, then after the procedure, you must refrain from using skin creams.

With wax, you can remove hair anywhere, including the bikini area and underarms. Warm wax is recommended for these areas, as opposed to hot wax, which, if used ineptly, can burn the skin.

If the hair is much longer than 0.5 cm, the hair must be trimmed before the procedure, otherwise the procedure will be more painful.

The oils in these products can interfere with hair adhesion and the effect of the treatment will be unsatisfactory.

If you have a low pain threshold, you can take a pain reliever 20 minutes before the procedure.

You should also take into account that during menstruation ± 2 days, the pain threshold is lower, and the procedure may be more painful.

How often should you wax it? Eyebrow, lip and chin area, every 2-4 weeks. Legs, arms and bikini area, every 4-6 weeks.

Redness or a rash may remain on your skin for two days after waxing.

The reaction depends on the skin type of the person.

In addition, bruising can occur in particularly sensitive areas (especially in areas with very deep hair roots, such as the bikini line).

These spots should also disappear within 24 hours or so.

Since skin sensitivity increases after the procedure, it is better to avoid hot baths and showers. You should also prefer not very tight-fitting clothing.

During this time, it is best to refrain from using cosmetics such as body lotions, perfumes, or deodorants.

These products can clog pores and trigger further ingrown hairs (except for products specially formulated for use after waxing).

Contraindications for the use of wax depilation:

- pronounced skin damage (scars, burns).

- phlebeurysm.

- pregnancy (individually).

- diabetes mellitus (due to a tendency to septic complications and delayed healing)

For delicate areas (pubis, perineum, armpits, face), a special hot (chocolate) wax is used. Properties - minimal irritation, removal of short coarse hair, maximum comfort.

For large areas (legs, arms), warm wax in cartridges (chocolate, pink, azulene) is used.

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