Virtual assistants: a good idea for my business?


Whether you are very small businesses, SMEs (small and medium-sized businesses) or larger, the same objectives stand out: market products or services, maintain their network of contacts, manage accounting and improve productivity in order to find new customers and make a profit.

However, unlike large organizations, small businesses have limited resources, and virtual assistants - in theory - offer them a great way to better manage their time and money.

But how can virtual assistants benefit businesses?

Let us first recall what a virtual assistant or intelligent personal assistant is.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a software agent based on speech recognition that can perform tasks and services for an individual.

Like carrying out an Internet search, scheduling a conference, switching off or switching on connected objects or managing your emails, etc. ...

You all probably already use them on a daily basis. The best known are Apple Siri, Cortana Microsoft, Google Now (Android and iOS app), Alexa M Amazon and Facebook. Whenever you ask Apple Siri or Microsoft Cortana a question, you're using a smart personal assistant.

What benefits can these virtual assistants bring to my business?

Concretely, virtual assistants can be useful to companies by relieving them of administrative tasks which are particularly time-consuming for VSEs and SMEs.

A virtual assistant helps you gain responsiveness and competitiveness. Several tasks can be entrusted to the virtual assistant:

  • Email management
  • Agenda management
  • Route planning
  • Purchase of train / plane tickets
  • Hotel or taxi reservation
  • Use of translation services
  • Obtain information on traffic conditions

But virtual assistants can also go further and handle particular administrative tasks like a real secretary.

Stealth Agents – A reputable virtual assistant company

Stealth Agents (https://stealthagents.com/) is a virtual assistant company that helps businesses save time, make more money and scale operations. They do this by providing professional services like customer service, social media management, content marketing and more. Their team of experts will take care of all the work so you can focus on what’s important to your business.

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