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What is Intent Data?

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What is Intent Data?

Considering intent data will help you see which prospects are researching on third-party websites. There is an increase in account activity when researchers are researching a certain topic more than usual. 

Customers turn to the Internet for solutions when they encounter a problem. Before you connect with them, they often limit reduce options. Prospects that are looking for products similar to yours should be identified.

Using these behavioral signals, sales and marketing teams can prioritize accounts that show exceptional interest in relevant topics. A B2B intent data analysis successfully increases conversions and sales.

Several types of intent data:                                            

  1. 1st Party Data: This data is collected from owned digital assets like social media profiles or websites.
  2. 3rd Party Data: This data is acquired from third parties and is often purchased. 


How intent data improve your marketing efforts


  1. Get to the point 

Most B2B solutions, especially high-cost solutions, will find that only a small percentage of the market is actively buying. You get a great advantage over your competitors if you target prospects who are already engaged with your website, or who are already researching your area of expertise. Marketing with intent data increases not only conversion but also value and precision. 

  1. Interact with potential customers

Being aware of a potential buyer's research is important since it allows you to target them earlier in the sales cycle. Taking this step could give you a competitive advantage. It also allows sales teams to nurture leads throughout their customers' pipeline journey and buying process. Gathering data on their intent from the beginning can help identify the prospect's buying patterns.

  1. Discover potential clients who haven't yet found you 

Someone is researching a product or solution that is similar to yours, but they are not visiting your website. We can use advanced lead scoring methods to monitor these research spikes for your marketing and sales teams using B2B intent data. Eventually, they will set up an appointment and work towards generating leads.

  1. Lead prioritization 

By analyzing intent data, you can determine what engagement level a prospect has with your website, helping you to prioritize inbound leads. How many visitors spent a lot of time on your key pages? Has anyone returned more than once without contacting your sales team? Your marketing strategy or outreach can be prioritized based on the user's interest.


  1. Personalized outreach 

Your campaign will be more effective if it is more personalized. When it's a topic that a prospect is currently researching, and if you have the relevant insight to help convert them, they are more likely to open that email or pick up the phone.


Adding precision to your marketing efforts begins with understanding your potential customers' buying behavior so you don't have to waste time chasing dead leads but can spend more time converting real prospects. Alltake Solutions provide Intent data services that allow you to deliver precisely, targeted, and personalized messages at the right time to the most qualified leads.

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