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Does spider vein removal hurt?

Darrin Duffy
Does spider vein removal hurt?

If you are troubled by the problem of spider veins, then you must have considered your treatment to remove it. Although spider veins are not a medical problem, people get treatment for spider veins for cosmetic reasons. Because of the problem of spider veins, they become prominent blue, red, and purple on your legs. For the spider vein treatment, you can make an appointment with a vein doctor California and consult with them to get the best Spider vein treatment California.




There are many options available for treating spider veins. The question is, how painful it is to have spider veins removed, it is described in detail in this article.




The sclerotherapy procedure is specifically adopted for the treatment of spider veins. Sclerotherapy uses a chemical that is inserted directly into a vein. This chemical acts by damaging the lining of the vein, thereby stopping the flow of blood to the vein. Once the vein is no longer functional and is completely scarred, the body removes the vein. In this way, the visible spider veins are removed.


Is Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins Painful?


When it comes to the treatment of spider veins, then the pain in the mind of the patient comes, how painful it will be to have a spider vein. But medical technology has progressed so much that it can be removed with a relatively simple procedure. In most cases, spider veins do not cause pain or discomfort, but sometimes they can cause sensations of pressure, pain, and burning. Spider veins are small, they are close to the surface of the skin.




Through sclerotherapy, a solution is injected into the vein by the vein specialist near me whereas in laser treatment heat is used. Thus the chemical injected into the vein does not cause irritation and the heat generated by the laser irritates. Sclerotherapy is minimally invasive and with minimal downtime.


Therefore, laser procedures are painful. Compared to the use of sclerotherapy, the pain caused by a laser procedure usually limits the number of nerves that can be treated in one session. These also include longer treatment sessions, pain, and longer periods before spider veins disappear.


After spider vein treatment, keep the following things in mind at home-


  • In many cases, there may be slight discomfort, burning, bruising, or swelling after treatment. Although there is pain relief options to relieve any discomfort such as the use of compression stockings can help reduce the pain.


  • After the treatment, stay away from the sun to prevent any kind of pain. If you're going to be out in the sun, protect the skin with a broad-spectrum SPF and cover the treated areas with clothing. Failure to do so may result in a blackening of the treated area.



Laser therapy and sclerotherapy are both available options if you have the appearance of spider veins on your legs and you want to seek spider vein treatment near me. But sclerotherapy is not painful, it is a non-surgical treatment.




Whether you are considering spider vein removal for cosmetic reasons or looking at options to eliminate painful symptoms such as swelling, weakness, itching, or cramping, consult a board-certified doctor at a vein clinic before taking any steps. Consider the method of treatment only after consulting a doctor.



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Darrin Duffy
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