Everything You Need To Know About Photo & Image Editing Services

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Image editing has various applications in many fields. Photographers need editing to improve the quality of their images by enhancing some features and improving the overall appearance of their shots. Business owners who need to display their products in the best light to make them better appealing to customers cannot brush aside the importance of image editing services. 

Not every person requires the same services, so they are broken into individual parts so they can be easily customized. Let’s take a look at the most common editing services offered by freelance experts and agencies alike.


  • Clipping PathClipping path service is the initial editing step to isolate a product from an image, and it may be used in combination with other services to get the desired results. It helps by removing unwanted objects and backgrounds and is easy to apply to images with sharp backgrounds. It can be used to replace the original background with a plain one or to keep it transparent. The pen tool feature in Photoshop is commonly used to clip images easily. But to get a refined outline in more complicated images, you may need to outsource an expert. There are various levels of clipping path depending on the complexity of the image.
  • Image Masking:Masking means you’re limiting the area where a particular layer or adjustment is visible. Image masking is a process used to hide selected portions of an image and show other parts. A masking tool allows you to adjust a specific selected part of the image while leaving the rest completely untouched. For example, you could use a mask to brighten your subject to make it stand out while leaving the background unedited. Masking gives you precise control of how and where photo editing adjustments take place by separating the image into layers. Since it is also a non-destructive process of image editing you can adjust and tweak the mask later if necessary. 
  • Background RemovalImage background removal is used to isolate the object from the background to give it a more clean look. Distracting objects or a non-white background can disturb the viewers focus from the object, which is disadvantageous, especially in eCommerce. A cleaner, more simple look can drastically improve the image by emphasizing the subject. Other than maintaining the customer’s focus, many online marketplaces also require a white background to upload product images.
  • Ghost MannequinA ghost mannequin effect shows parts of the product that would otherwise not be visible in a single shot with a mannequin or model. Designers remove the mannequin from a particular garment product and combine different images to compile other obscured features into a single picture. This specialized service aims to show off both the outer and inner portions of the apparel. It lets customers know more about the product and better envision themselves wearing it. Because more people have shifted to shopping online, the importance of this service has been increasing than before. The ghost mannequin effect or invisible mannequin effect is one of the most cost-effective ways of presenting your products to online customers.
  • Image Editing & Retouching:Image retouching services involve improving the appearance of an image and is done to remove certain defects and enhance the overall look. This can be minor defects such as dust or dirt on the camera lens, sensor, or stray hairs on the object. Fashion publications often use retouching to remove any blemishes to alter the image for a better presentation. Typically, the process of retouching an image involves making small localized adjustments to it and are employed as a finishing touch to polish off the final image after globalized adjustments (such as color correction services). While editing is a basic altering of images to correct certain aspects, retouching is actual photo manipulation used to change the look.
  • Image Restoration:Photographs can lose their quality over time, and image restoration helps to reverse any damages, undo defects and reinstate the quality of the image. Image restoration aims to recover an image that was blurred or damaged somehow and restore it to its original form. Image restoration services are offered for vintage photos, damaged photos, black and white photos, color-flawed photos, etc., to recover photos and make them free from any sort of deterioration due to factors such as age, water, and dust.

If you are looking for an experienced image editing agency to help with any of the above services or more, contact us at Clipixie. We offer tailored, quality assured services and deliver professionally edited images in no time.

Clipixie India
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