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How to Make Money by Writing Songs and Lyrics

Arslan Haider
How to Make Money by Writing Songs and Lyrics

Some people are born with the ability to compose music. All they need is an idea or inspiration to produce beautiful words and music. Most people are not aware of their amazing ability until someone else brings it out to them. Before you can work as a full-time writer, you must first master the basics of professional songwriting. Even if you are an expert lyricist, you must master the art of crafting songs that attract listeners right away. There are a number of excellent courses and certification programs available to help you gain all of the essential abilities. Many musicians have become famous throughout the world as a consequence of a song they sung or published, yet some of those performers may not have produced or written the song in the first place. For example, Michael Jackson performed the song "Thriller," although he did not compose or write the song. Your songs will bring you money as an artist, musician, or songwriter. They are the people who keep your music career sustainable by bringing in the cash. You may utilize one song in a variety of ways to make additional money and market yourself as an artist.

1.    Perform in licensed venues 

Even if you just perform one song in public, you are entitled to royalty. Every location that plays music should have a license, which pays royalties to songwriters. Just make sure you are registered. Even if they are not singing the song, songwriters can get money.

2.    Record and release it 

It may seem self-evident, but streaming services like Apple Music and YouTube Music are all excellent. It is just another excellent technique to make sure your tune gets the most airplay possible. It also means that you may distribute your various versions across many platforms, which is a wonderful way to get your brand out there.

3.    How to make money streaming your music 

Some musicians dislike streaming services because they believe they are underpaid. However, for those of you who are just getting started in the music industry, it is a great opportunity to make money and get your name out there. The simplest approach to profit from streaming services is to simply inform your followers of their existence. Direct your audience to it via your website and social media. You are sure to attract a lot more attention once people realize it is there.

4.     Make an instrumental version

You may sell the music ready to be licensed on television and in films if you remix it and remove the words. That is a large audience, especially if the song is on the soundtrack of the movie. As a consequence, you will gain more visibility and make more money.

5.    Turn it into samples  

Provide the recorded stems to your own track. As a result, producers will be able to develop their own versions of your music. It is thrilling for your followers since it allows them to make fresh mixes and share them with one another.

6.     Record an acoustic version  

You and your guitar should record the tune. An acoustic rendition of a song is usually a hit with fans. It means people can appreciate it in a new way, and it highlights your skills in a new light. It also alters the music, which may help you get more fans and promote the path.

7.    Record a version

Make a video of yourself singing the song without any accompaniment. Your followers will be ecstatic to hear you sing their favorite song. Make sure you film a video and upload it on YouTube, as well as sharing it on social media.

8.    Make money with music on YouTube 

YouTube is one of the finest places for musicians who are just starting out in the business. It aided in the launch of Justin Bibber’s and Carly Rae Jepson's careers, transforming them into the superstars they are today. As a result, it is one of the most useful techniques you may employ to give yourself a lift. To begin, sign up for your whole back catalog. Because music has no shelf life in the digital era, you want to get as much of your music out there and into the public domain as possible.

9.     Performance video  

Make a video of yourself performing the song for genius lyrics, either when you first recorded it or when it was live. You may upload it to YouTube and get some money from it.

10.   View a live performance  

Using social media sites to stream your music live is a wonderful method to generate enthusiasm and attention for your song. Make sure you promote it ahead of time to generate a lot of interest and a larger audience.

Arslan Haider
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