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5 Challenges Meanwhile Developing Shopify Integration

Scarlett Brown
5 Challenges Meanwhile Developing Shopify Integration

Shopify, being an all-in-one ecommerce development platform, offers every desirable aspect including flexibility, safety and security, efficiency, tech-support for the users as well as developers, and ROI. An entrepreneur could compromise with everything but not with the last factor mentioned.

It offers easy integration with other software as well as social media platforms so that the electronic purpose of doing commerce gets justified. Technically, the term used for this is cross-channel selling, which simply allows a platform to link or integrate with others and become half-a-way to sell things from there.

Shopify is known to produce interactive ecommerce software solutions that would not disappoint you even if you do not possess a developer at your end. It renders plug-and-play development abilities with amazing compatibility.

The matter of concern in this article is the challenges that developers usually face meanwhile developing integration for Shopify solutions. Therefore, we will try to put a quick glance over the different obstacles that could make developers, as well as consumers, think to hire Shopify developers for their next ecommerce business project.


  • Managing on-going updates 

Usually, when there is a process of user acceptance testing before a launch, things get easy for the development side as there exists a little risk of an update that has just arrived and we launch our product without updating the script accordingly.

In previous Shopify versions, this was a major issue and therefore, it has been tried to resolve with the latest version by the parent company. 

From then, the user-end has control over updates and a robust alert program is installed which would alert the development side if anything goes wrong from the user-end regarding the update.

Also, the same issue is faced when we try to integrate a social media platform with the store, but the social media apps are ever ready with recent updates or bug issues fixed every next day.


  • Mini carts or AJAX

Specifically, with Shopify, users have complained about the issue they face meanwhile adding products to the cart. This issue has led to a major bounce rate for Shopify-based mobile applications.

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  • A bit of Over-Engineering

Shopify at the beginning is seen with just an income through a number of downloads but not through the user-end that happens when they do commerce with the application.

Experts say that Shopify asks for authorized charges which they call a flaw or a matter of over-engineering. However, it is also confirmed that this issue has been resolved very soon by the parent side.


  • Script tags

The development side has to think from all the dimensions including for the variety of applications a user could have, other than Shopify and how would the Shopify app react to those other applications?

A3logics has been offering Shopify development services since the beginning and has suggested adding and load the snippet at the very beginning of the body templates. However, if the theme editors would remove the snippet without any caution, that is a different aspect of the challenge, and can not be termed as a technical matter.


  • Problems usually faced by the first time users 

Usually, people find a certain number of issues with the Shopify application, like they find a little difficulty in finding customers. However, marketing is responsible for this, but the social media integration issues become a reason to speak about here again.

Shopify has challenges like all others, but it is equally an easy-to-use and smarter ecommerce store. Bigger brands like Tesla, GE, Nestle, and celebs like Bohemian Guitars publicize their content through Shopify-built solutions only.

Give it a thought keeping other development platforms that can compete with Shopify; Magento vs BigCommerce vs Shopify, and things mentioned here in mind. Despite talking about its negatives only here, I’d sum it up by saying it is a great platform to invest in, for your next project.0

Scarlett Brown
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