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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a process in which a business entrusts part or all of its recruitment process to an outside partner who specializes in hiring and retaining talent and can deliver superior results while saving the business money.

Outsourcing of hiring is of course not a new concept in itself, so we should start by stressing what RPO is not – it is NOT a quick-fix or a one-time deal, nor is it just a head-hunter or a staffing firm. For that, you have old-school HR companies.

RPO is a way to streamline and improve your hiring processes for the long term, improving your overall business performance. RPO is also NOT a one-size-fits-all proposition. The RPO that is right for you will have specific expertise in your industry, and will customize a solution for your business based on your needs, strategic objectives, and your principals’ preferences.

Why is it necessary now more than ever?

Back in the day, say 50-60 years ago, employment in the business world was far more stable. Many people worked in the same organization for life, or at least for long years at a time. Today the labor market is far more fluid, and hiring has become a constant and challenging facet of business operations. 

Streamlining your business’s recruitment procedures can not only save you money and productivity on the selection process itself but also yield lower turnover and higher-performing selections for your openings. Thus the work of a good RPO partner keeps saving you money throughout the new employee’s service in your organization, and not just when they’re hired.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is an external service that provides all or part of the hiring processes for your company. Priority Staffing Group’s RPO program will act as an extension of your business and a key partner in determining a strategy to achieve your company hiring goals.

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Our partnership will optimize cost, quality, and efficiency. It includes sourcing, screening, interview coordination, selection, pre-employment testing (background checking, drug screening, and reference checking), offer, and onboarding.

If our RPO program sounds right for your company, please reach out to us at (618) 969-8800 for more information.

Why use an RPO program?

  1. Strategy: Priority Staffing Group will implement strategies that effectively promote your company brand to assist in identifying, sourcing, recruiting, and qualifying candidates to present to your Hiring Managers. When faced with high-volume hiring, the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding at your company take time, effort, and skill; which we provide with our years of experience in the staffing and recruiting industry. This is all while continuing to promote candidate experience through a positive, highly communicative selection process.
  2. Savings: Streamlining your hiring process using our RPO program can save time and money for your company. By taking the work of recruiting candidates, sorting resumes, interviewing, testing, and hiring, we cut down the time-to-fill and reduce your cost-per-hire.
  3. Scalability: Urgent hiring needs come from many places (seasonal demands, new projects, new processes, etc.). Whatever reason you have found yourself understaffed, our RPO program provides scalability to manage the peaks and valleys in your hiring activity. We give you access to the right talent when you need it.

Advantages of hiring RPO services

Those who have reaped the benefits of an RPO provider have a clear understanding of the fact that RPO providers bring to the table more than just cost and time reduction. The growing complexities in the talent market coupled with rapid technological advancements have highly impacted the expectations of employers and employees from each other. Such reasons make it difficult for organizations to find and tap the best talent for their posts. This is where RPOs come to the rescue for implementing strategic recruitment processes to attract the top talents in the market.

Some of the top advantages of RPO services are mentioned hereunder:

  1. Short and efficient recruitment process
    2.  Scalable
    3. Employer branding
    4. Improved candidate quality
    5. Compliance
    6. Real-time reporting
    7. Cost reduction and time-saving
    8. Concentrate on core competencies

How Does An RPO Work?

Anyone working as a hiring manager for a company, whether they are hiring remote employees or employees to work in-house, knows that recruiting can be difficult. There are many challenges including finding qualified candidates, finding someone that matches the culture of your company, finding someone that gels well with management and team members, and hiring an employee that will remain loyal to your brand. There are several options to overcome these challenges including hiring a recruitment agency. A recruiting agency will definitely have skills to help you locate good employees, but sometimes their tactics simply include putting out several feelers and hoping something sticks. While this may help you fill an empty position, it won’t help you necessarily find the right employee.

How does Insight international help you?

Insight International provides the RPO services to reach out to a bigger audience, hence enhances the quality of employees. 

Contact us at www.insightinc.co.uk for more information or contact us at 44(0)-7587901161; +44(0)2074171712.

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