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What is the Ashford Formula?

Sonam Mehta
What is the Ashford Formula?

The term Ashford Formula is now synonymous with quality, performance, and value. It's a clear, colorless liquid that seeps into concrete surfaces to protect, preserve, and reinforce them. Ashford Formula is based on a patented catalytic densifying reaction. It is unique from any latest silicate technology, popular in the market today.

The Ashford Formula is the product of WWII. Shortly after the war ended, a German chemist in California created the Ashford Formula. Ashford formula application leads to the revolution of the concrete densification industry. The process cures the concrete by ensuring chemical retention. Thus, it can check for hairline and temperature cracking on fresh concrete.

Why Densify Your Concrete Floor with Ashford over other formulas?

Densifying your floor involves doing it perfectly the first time for long-term effects. 

Films and coatings have been used to preserve concrete floors for years. However, they are just temporary solutions that wear off and need to be reapplied.

Ashford Formula adopts a new method. It permeates the concrete surface and generates crystals in the concrete. As a result, it densifies the surface by filling the inherent pores and spaces in the concrete.

Ashford Formula supplements the surface and aggregate hardeners. Since it stabilizes the surface, it also prevents crazing or map cracking. Floors are less likely to discolor, are easy to maintain, and do not require dusting.

You won't have to worry about regular upkeep. Once you've treated and dried it on your floor at home, it's ready to use. This fantastic solution makes your standard concrete floor considerably more durable. It makes no difference how old or damaged your concrete floor is. It also provides a higher, deeper gloss.

How does this happen?

The crystal growth process seals the concrete floor surface from the inside out. This hardens the concrete and traps the dust. There is nothing to wear out, scrape, or peel since it is inorganic.

Ashford formula application is effortless. It does not involve any complex procedures. You'll be able to work with it with only a simple flood coat. Before applying, make sure that the area or the concrete surface is well cleaned. This allows the formula to penetrate the concrete pores and harden.

The Ashford Formula application is a one-time, permanent solution. It penetrates the concrete and strengthens it from the inside out. As a result, the flooring achieves a stunning, marble-like shine with time and traffic.

The potency of this technique has been shown over seven decades. Your concrete floor serves as more than just a foundation for your home. It's also the bedrock of your company's productivity.

Ashford Formula is famous for its long-term proficiency, durability, and low cost. As a result, many leading companies have chosen this concrete densifier. So, if you're looking for densifiers, go no further than Ashford Formula in Dubai.

Sonam Mehta
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