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Sonam Mehta

Nowadays we often search for words on google but it's not difficult to search even online dictionary are available on mobiles as well. It's easy to get a word through the online dictionary. Learning English and speaking English is easy with the criteria of Google word coach. It helps in learning and speaking in English. It develops the skills in speaking English. It helps many users to expand their English language. For the beginners and experts in English, it is moreover helpful.

Google Jamboard - Google Word Coach

Sometimes often on learning and speaking in English, people get kept and getting a coach who trains them properly is not possible. Google word coach is a well-designed feature for which a person can get help in speaking any kind of language.
The benefit of google word coach is that it is easy to use to make vocabulary better. A fast and easy method of learning is all we want. Its specifically build to help users make their power of speaking strong. It consists of synonyms, translation boxes and if a person gets wrong in speaking a word it often helps in changing the word or statement. While searching the meaning of a word somewhere we go on thinking but it's easy with this certain feature and we don’t need to remind.

Google My Maps - Google Word Coach

This game of quiz is a right initiative by google for helping and growing the knowledge in the education system. Thinking about the perspective of a student in learning criteria, he/she can understand English or can speak English but asking a meaning and synonym of a word or statement and then asking them to translate and while answering any question makes them difficult. That’s why it has been introduced so that they can speak even more fluently and confidently.

Google Form - Google Word Coach

Importance of this game well the coach trains for the same. It is an interacting quiz game. The levels of this game are basic. On correcting a word, it will help you in knowing whether the word is noun, verb or adjective and what is the attractive way of writing a sentence.

Google Document - Google Word Coach

It appears automatically while searching on the browser. In searching language changing option we can find this option. It is purely a knowledge provider game. It is an entertaining, informative and improving app. It has been added up with dictionary and translates boxes. It helps to build, grow and develop in gaining knowledge in English. The sort of questions in this app is in the form of image and words which help in playing the game. The word involves synonym and antonym.

Google Spreadsheets - Google Word Coach

Simply a fun learning app like this can sharp your mind. There are few levels available in this game. Every kind of language at a high level is introduced in this game. Well, this app contains a score that makes this app interesting. Smartphone users can use this easily. It needs a good internet connection. It solves the queries of certain words or statements.

Google Slides - Google Word Coach

Sonam Mehta
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