Leadership and Loneliness


The high point of my career was sailing as a captain on merchant ships. The captain is the most senior rank which comes with senior-most rank. A captain has provided various perks with a private luxurious cabin with a living room and day room, a private office space. Along with the perks, work comes up with great responsibility as safety of crew with lives of people on board.

The responsibilities of the captain include the ship and cargo worth of millions of dollars, the can also issue birth and death certificates. They can conduct marriages and issue marriage certificates. One signature on a cargo document enables the transaction of money through the letter of credits across international trade channels. All such duties are considered as a high degree of accountability. Every decision made on the ship by anyone of the crew member or the captain, the captain is accountable for everything. In difficult times, they call head office for advice. The organizational structure onboard was hierarchical, typical command and control. Such things make the captain a loner stating that leadership can be lonely.

It is a part of job where leadership and loneliness are synonymous to some extent

A leader seems lonely as they struggle to keep business to grow, keep their teams engaged and motivated, and manage client expectations.

3 steps can help in that

Step 1 – Awareness

Step 2 - Reflection

Step 3 – Empty Your Cup or  find a confidant

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