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How to write an abstract: style tricks

How to write an abstract: style tricks

We continue our guide on how to write the summary of the thesis, with some advice from a stylistic point of view.

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When writing an abstract it is advisable to do so using the impersonal form, rather than speaking in the first person. As for the verbal tenses, the present or the perfect past tense is better.

Also remember that if you use acronyms, it is necessary to specify in brackets their full meaning at the first citation. If we take an example of an abstract  of a thesis on commerce, in this case it can be GDO (Large Organized Distribution). Or  Mass Market Retailers in the case of an abstract in English.

Use context-appropriate language, no slang. And of course try to avoid grammatical errors. It is one thing to make a summary of your notes for personal use, another is to make a summary of your degree thesis to be delivered to those who have to judge your work. So always reread and check the text before handing it over and going to discuss it.

Also remember that the abstract must be coherent and strictly connected to the title of the thesis .

Where to place the summary abstract of the thesis

We conclude our guide on how to write the summary of the thesis, by specifying where to insert the abstract within the thesis.

It usually goes somewhere between the preface and the index. The general development of the paper must therefore be articulated starting from the possible preface, followed by the abstract, from the index that must highlight the structure of the paper, any introduction that must illustrate the purposes and contents of the work, 3 or 4 chapters (based on the type of thesis and three-year or master's degree) divided into at least 4 or 5 paragraphs and accompanied by footnotes citing monographs, articles and other documents to which reference has been made, quoting the passages that are reported in the text or in the notes themselves. To finish with the conclusions and bibliographic and sitographic references.

And with that, at least for the moment, that's all. Our thesis summary guide is now really complete and comprehensive. Now it's your turn to complete your paper towards graduation by following the precautions we have suggested in this article.

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Paraphrase, quote and summarize in the thesis

During the research for the writing of the thesis, many ideas and studies of other researchers and authors are often used. This is because your thesis delves into already existing research and ideas. Leveraging someone else's research can be done in two ways: by quoting or paraphrasing this person's work.

The difference between the two methods is that when you quote someone's work, you literally copy sentences; when you paraphrase, you rewrite someone else's ideas using your own words.

However, it is essential to always mention the sources used. If the bibliographic reference to the sources were omitted, plagiarism would be committed .

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To quote

To quote means to copy part of a text verbatim. It is always advisable to limit the use of literal citations as they make the paper less fluent and legible.

Also, if you use too many citations, it will give the impression of being lazy and unwilling to search for content. Furthermore, using a quotation can give the impression that you have not fully understood the source or that you have not read the entire text of the sources. You should only use a quote when it is really necessary.

For example, to reinforce the definition of a certain concept. Or when the author has written a sentence so particularly captivating and powerful that paraphrasing it would diminish the quality of the text itself. In some disciplines, however, quotations are to be considered as real proofs (in the analysis of a poem, for example).

Warn the reader that they are reading a quote by placing it in quotation marks. If the quotation is quite complex (in the APA Style, over 40 words), it will be necessary to format it outside the text in an indented form without the quotation marks.

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