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Reliable Learning Tools & Frameworks for Software Developers

Nihar Bhavsar
Reliable Learning Tools & Frameworks for Software Developers

If you are starting with your software development career, you probably need to understand the tools and framework that will help you in your development. Like any other trade, the software development industry has its own learning tools and utilities. In fact, there are many tools in this industry that you will be left confused about which one to choose. 

This article will look at the top learning tools and frameworks every software developer should master to help complete his tasks quickly.

1. Python [Programming Language]

As a software developer, one of the first things you need to learn is a programming language. A programming language is a set of instructions used to communicate with the computer to perform certain tasks, build applications, etc. Python is one of the most popular object-oriented programming languages.

Using Python, programmers can develop websites, retail software applications, and data analysis, etc. The language is extremely easy to learn as the syntax is less-cluttered and simple to understand. Moreover, you can also do quality assurance testing effortlessly.

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It is an ideal programming language for beginners to learn programming for the first time. It is also the third most popular programming language behind Java and C.

Organizations worldwide like Google, Facebook, Reddit, Amazon, and Instagram use Python in one way or the other in their websites. 

2. SQL [Query Language]

One of the essential learning tools that every software developer should know is SQL (Structured Query Language). Using SQL, developers can interact with databases to add, update or delete records from the tables.

Whether building a standalone application or a website, you will mostly need a database to store and retrieve data. You can use any database like Oracle, MSSQL, or MySQL you want for data storage. 

But if you need to access data from these tables to display it on your application or website, you need to use SQL to communicate with the database.

Hence, every software developer needs to have a very good understanding of basic SQL commands like SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE, complex queries for joining tables and subqueries, etc.

3. Git [Version Control]

Apart from knowing programming language and a query language, every software developer must know about version control and code repository, GIT is one of the best version control tools available as it allows you to track all the changes made to your code.

Hence, you always have a record of all the changes you made in custom software, and if needed, you can always revert to an older version of the code needed. With GIT, collaboration is made simple as changes made by multiple people to the code can be easily merged into a single code source.

4. Docker [Container]

Another important tool that every custom softwares developers needs to master is Docker, an open-source containerization platform. With Docker, developers can easily package applications and deliver software as containers. Every container is unique and separate from one another, and each container comes packed with its software and configuration files. Docker makes it easy to create, manage and deploy healthcare softwares or any other application.

5. Codepen [Online Code Editor]

If you are new to software development, then this tool will be really useful. Codepen is an online code editor tool that allows you test and showcase your coding skills. It also comes with an active community where you can clarify all your queries easily.

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