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Ferrous Sulphate:Introduction and Key Benefits

Ferrous Sulphate:Introduction and Key Benefits

                                       Ferrous Sulfate

Iron deficiency anaemia represents a major public health problem, particularly in infants, young children, pregnant women, and females with heavy menses. Oral iron supplementation is a cheap, safe, and effective means of increasing haemoglobin levels and restoring iron stores to prevent and correct iron deficiency. Many preparations are available, varying widely in dosage, formulation (quick or prolonged release), and chemical state (ferrous or ferric form). The debate over the advantages of ferrous versus ferric formulations is ongoing. In this literature review, the tolerability and efficacy of ferrous versus ferric iron formulations are evaluated. We focused on studies comparing ferrous sulphate preparations with ferric iron polymaltose complex preparations, the two predominant forms of iron used.Current data show that slow-release ferrous sulphate preparations remain the established and standard treatment of iron deficiency, irrespective of the indication, given their good bioavailability, efficacy, and acceptable tolerability demonstrated in several large clinical studies.

Uses of Ferrous Sulfate:

Used as iron supplements are indicated in patients with diseases caused by iron deficiency.

  • Used in the treatment of iron deficiency anaemia, prophylaxis for iron deficiency in pregnancy.

  • Used in precaution if sedation or general anaesthesia is required; risk of the hypotensive episode.

  • Ferrous sulfate can also be used with chlorine. This treatment is normally known as chlorinated copperas treatment


The number one advantage of taking ferrous sulfate dietary supplements is to hold everyday iron tiers in the frame.

Doing so might also additionally save you from experiencing iron deficiency, in addition to the variety of slight to excessive aspect consequences that frequently accompany it.

Here’s a more in-depth have a take a observe the advantages of taking ferrous sulfate supplements.

Ferrous sulfate is a medicine used to deal with and save you iron deficiency anaemia.Iron enables the frame to make wholesome crimson blood cells,which convey oxygen across the frame. Some matters including blood loss, being pregnant or too little iron for your weight loss program could make your iron deliver drop too low, main to anaemia.Read More @ 


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