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How long does it take to learn Hindi from the basics?

How long does it take to learn Hindi from the basics?

The best way to learn Hindi online is through Ziyyara. Although no one can actually predict how much time you will take to learn the Hindi language. But still, with the correct guidance, you achieve the goal in no time. The Hindi language has a major influence on the Sanskrit language. Hindi is a primitive language thus many people learn it in Asian countries. 

How long does it take to learn Hindi from the basics?

Well, that's a tough question to ask as no one can actually determine how much time a person will require to learn Hindi from the basics. Learning is considered to be a tricky process and depends on different individuals. With the Hindi lessons for beginners at Ziyyara, you can learn this language without hassle. Although learning a new language also somehow depends on a person's learning pace and capability. Similar to this there are certain factors on which language learning depends. 


Previous Language Learning Experience 

You can look for any suitable Hindi Class near me online. As already mentioned it takes a variable time limit to learn different languages. If you already are a foreign language speaker or bilingual then you might save some time during this process. According to studies, bilingual people have naturally adapted to different kinds of languages. The first step towards any language learning is being positive about it. You have to devote complete interest in learning a new language. A good Hindi speaking course at Ziyyara will come as a great savior for you during this process. A good online tutor will help you pave your way to success. The online tutors at Ziyyara are generally native speakers who have years of experience in teaching the Hindi language. 


Know the Language that You are Learning 

For learning any language you must first be aware of the roots of the language. In the online Hindi Class for beginners at Ziyyara our tutors start teaching the students from very basic. As a matter of fact, all the languages somehow are not that different from each other as they seem to be. Opting to learn a foreign language that is similar to your native language will unquestionably make things more spontaneous. The Hindi language has its roots in the Sanskrit language although the Sanskrit language is considered the mother of all the languages. 

Sanskrit applies to the Indo-European group of languages. The Sanskrit language solely caters to different languages like Slavic, German, Iranian and Baltic, etc. There is a whole variety of words that are similar to English. This means that you can also learn Hindi through English.  If you focus on learning these words then you can learn the Hindi language hassle-free. We will take the example of a few words here:

  • Loot - लूट
  • Shampoo - शैम्पू
  • Thug - ठग
  • Chutney - चटनी
  • Jungle - जंगल
  • Khaki - खाकी

Well, these are some of the examples to acknowledge. There are a whole slew of words that you can learn from.


What is Your Pattern of Learning Hindi Language 

The time taken to decide to learn the Hindi language also depends on your mode of learning. If you are learning through the Hindi online course at Ziyyara then things will be comparatively uncomplicated for you. On the other hand, if your learning is just restricted to the classroom only then automatically the time taken will increase. If you remain in touch with the people around you who are Hindi speakers then also the time to learn the Hindi language will decrease. Cumulatively your efforts and mode of learning will determine the time. Our online home tutors also suggest the students learn the Hindi language in a more fun manner. For instance, the learner can watch a good Bollywood movie with Hindi subtitles. This will make the student know the exemplar of sentence formation. 


Time Dedicated For Learning 

Learning the language also requires proper time devotion. You need to devote time daily while learning a new language. The people who think they can have mastery over any language by just devoting time weekly are doing wrong. For learning a new language you must devote time daily.

In order to search for good online tuition, you must find the perfect Hindi language Class near me. 


Your Level of Motivation

Last but not least your motivation is what plays a crucial role in the language learning process. You can look for hundreds of online tutoring portals mentioning Hindi speaking courses near me. But you can finally learn the Hindi language only if you stay motivated all through. 

It's an open secret that the native Hindi speakers would feel delighted to see you take efforts while speaking in Hindi. 


How to Find a Good Online Hindi Tuition? 

After knowing a bit of details about the time you might take to learn this language. Now is the time to know how to finally find and approach the AP test Hindi tuition online. 

As a first step, you can simply type on Google “Hindi coaching Class near meThere you will find so many options which state to be the best among the rest. But you must stay focused while the process of finalizing the Hindi online course. Ziyyara is one such name of excellence. 

We have different kinds and varieties of courses which satisfy the needs of all kinds of students.

With the online Hindi course, you can learn Hindi with proper time and guidance. We have different kinds of courses for the Hindi language. 


  • Hindi Language Course for Beginners
  • Hindi Language Course of Intermediate Level
  • Hindi Language Course for Advanced Level

The kind, of course, you want to go ahead with completely depends on you. With the help of Ziyyara, you will be able to cut down all of the negative aspects and can stay focused only on positive learning. To find us you can simply type Hindi tuition Class near me and you will certainly find Ziyyara mentioned on the top. For getting a much better idea about the tutor you can enroll for your first online demo lecture with us. The demo lecture is free of cost and will give you a better understanding of the teaching pattern of the tutor. 

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