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Ink Cartridges & Toner Cartridges

Ink Cartridges & Toner Cartridges

 What is an Ink Cartridge?

Whenever we print anything on a piece of paper, we are actually using the ink from the cartridge. The cartridge inside the printer that contains the ink is called the ink cartridge. They are used by the Inkjet printers to print content on paper.



What is a toner cartridge?

As the technology evolved over the time, we reduced the use of wet ink for our prints and shifted towards laser printing. The cartridge inside printer containing the entire setup for laser printing is called the toner cartridge. As ink cartridge has wet ink in it, the toner cartridges have toner powder inside. The powder is used to create modern laser prints on paper. There are belt units or drum units present inside the cartridge that are used to transfer the toner on to the paper in the desired shape.



What is the difference between Ink cartridges and Toner cartridges?

It’s more like the engine that goes with a particular model of the car. For wet ink printing, ink cartridges are used (contains ink inside) and for laser printing, the toner cartridges are used (contains dry toner powder inside).

Science of Ink Cartridge: It’s a single unit container that contains wet flowing ink which is now used to print any content on paper. Like a pen, the ink flows out the way the printing machine would want and control. After you are done using one cartridge – you can always reuse it. Again, like the pen, the ink can dry out if not used for a long period of time. You can either refill the same blackcartridge or buy a new one.

Science of Toner Cartridge: After years of revolving and moving away from messy liquid ink, companies came up with laser print technology. Toner Dust Powder is used for this type of printing and it is used to melt on the paper in the shape you command the printer to type. The drum unit or the belt unit in the cartridge transfers the toner to the paper. They come in two forms: One is reusable and refillable. You can refill this cartridge like the ink cartridge type. The second one is use the cartridge and throw off the waste toner bottles.



Every printer works in a different way and knowing what the type of the printer you own will only save you trouble. If you mismatch a toner cartridge with an Inkjet printer – you are most likely going to damage the unit. The toner cartridge goes with Laser Printer and the ink cartridge would go with the Inkjet printer.

How will I know the difference when purchasing?

As we spoke about the power of knowing what type of printer you have – you also need to have the surface knowledge of what type of cartridge you should be looking at, while buying one. Here’s a little more gist into how you can identify the difference when purchasing:

Knowing Ink Cartridge VS Toner Cartridge- This one is really simple to identify. The first step would be to see what type of printer you have. The brochure would help, or you can see for the name / number code on the printer and look up on the internet. If it is the Ink jet printer, you will have to buy an Ink Cartridge. Examples are- HP Envy Photo 7822 and HP 802 – Tricolor (or Individual Color Cartridges). If the printer type is Laser Printer, you will have to go with the Toner Cartridge. Examples are- HP 103A and HP 12A.

Knowing Ink Cartridge VS Ink Tank- This one might sound tricky to you. Both the ink types have all capabilities like scanning, printing, faxing and copying functions. The only difference that comes in here would be the quantity. The Ink cartridge can print up to 2000-3000 pages, while the ink tank can print up to 7000 pages. The tank has more capacity over the cartridge and that’s how you can choose what to buy for your “INKJET PRINTER”. Note – this is only compatible with Inkjet printers. Examples would be: HP ENVY Photo 7822, Canon Pixma Home and Epson Expression ET – 2750.

Knowing Genuine Cartridge VS Compatible Ink Cartridges- The genuine ink cartridges are the ones that come up with the authentic label of the manufacturer. They are long-lasting and will have a warranty card as well attached to the product. You will have absolute reliability on these products. On the contrary, the non-genuine (or the compatible cartridge) would be the ones that are actually compatible with the printer but are not authenticated by the manufacturer. The label would be missing. There is only one advantage to this type – they are cheaper as opposed to the genuine ones. If you are a bulk buyer, you can go ahead with this type. 



Reference : https://www.inksandtoners.com.au/


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