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Traveling Black Dress Launches Eco-Friendly Fashion On New Online Store

Thomas Shaw
Traveling Black Dress Launches Eco-Friendly Fashion On New Online Store

Traveling Black Dress is a women's clothing brand with a mission to help women feel and look their best. The company's online store was founded in 2018 and had been offering minimalistic dresses since then. If you are interested to learn more about Best Sustainable Clothing brands checkout this Website https://travelingblackdress.com


The online store includes environmentally friendly materials, sustainable designs, and versatile styles. These styles can be worn on the go, to classic engagements, and even as comfort wear.


Clothing is made in eco textile fibers’ such as:

  • GOTS Certified Organic Clothing
  • Organic Cotton
  • Organic Bamboo
  • Organic Linen
  • and Lenzing Modal


for sustainability, longevity, and versatility. 


The website offers easy navigation and quick filters to find what clients need quickly without leaving the site. Founded in 2018 in Los Angeles, their exclusive designs collaborate with Slow Fashion Creator Linda Monkos.


Organic Clothing


The fashion industry is one of the leading contributors to pollution; Fashion production accounts for 10% of humanity's carbon emissions, dries up water sources, and pollutes rivers.


Traveling Black Dress has created a line of clothing that is eco-friendly and sustainable for its customers.  Each dress in the collection will be made from organic cotton or recycled fibers, which means less CO2 emissions for each item sold.


Along with being environmentally friendly, these dresses have been designed to be comfortable and versatile, so they can easily transition from day to night without missing a beat.


Traveling Black Dresses are for Eco-Friendly women that consciously try to decrease their carbon footprint. The clothing brand online store is all about providing easy-to-navigate websites with light and welcoming designs.


Top-Notch Customer Service


Traveling Black Dress' customer service is friendly, supportive--and responsive on mobile devices, so you can shop from anywhere at any time without any interruptions or distractions (even while traveling).


Customer service keeps in mind everything from sizing charts to all the needs of each individual client. One of the Satisfied customers said, "Love this piece! This dress is so comfortable and so elegant. I could literally wear it anywhere- as a house dress or to a wedding. I get compliments whenever I wear it."


Minimalist Dresses Are A Must-Have For Any Woman's Wardrobe


These classic, timeless pieces will never go out of style and can be worn to create many different looks with ease, thanks to accessorizing options like jewelry or scarves they can help match any event at hand.


Traveling black dresses’ bestsellers include the maxi kaftans which offer elegance as well as versatility; they're comfortable too, so women can look good and feel great while wearing them.


These are other popular pieces.


Kaftan for Women

The Best Kaftan Dresses can be worn for many occasions, and they all provide a versatile sense of style.


Maxi Minimalist Dress


The Maxi is a free-flowing dress that can be worn as a minimalist evening dress or even a wedding dress. The trend has never been more popular for a bride to wear a minimalist wedding dress.


They are lighthearted and straightforward. The dress tells its own story, which can be as unique or different as the bride.


The best way to dress for any event is with the perfect mix of elegance and simplicity.


The maxi kaftans, in particular, make great choices: They're elegant yet comfortable; versatile enough that they work beautifully at events or on location - and made from eco-friendly bamboo fibers as well.


Eco Textile Movement


Traveling Black Dress is passionate about supporting the eco textile movement away from conventional cotton farming with genetically modified seeds and heavy toxic pesticides, back to organic farming and low impact processing.


With various styles and shapes in dresses that all fit under the umbrella of minimalist basics - these perfect, classic shapes will never go out of style -  Get into contact for more information. https://travelingblackdress.com/

Thomas Shaw
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