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Fun facts about the game of laser tag

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Fun facts about the game of laser tag

Whether you are a laser tag fan or you want to know more about the game before playing it, there are some fun facts about laser tag games near me that you would like to know. Let us dive into some fun facts that you probably don't know.


It got its beginning from a virtual game.


The laser tag game was first developed from a game called Star Trek Phaser in 1979. Inspired by the photon blasters and laser guns used in the series, the theme quickly gained popularity among the series' fans. But it was not too long when people started inventing various other innovations related to the game that was not there in the Star Trek Phaser movie series. It has widened the appeal of the game from where it became popular among people. The game of laser tag near me gained popularity in the 80s and became hugely popular in the 90s when other arcade games were also popular among the teens.


The basic fact of laser tag was used in the military.


You don't have to extend your visualization too far to know why the basics of laser tag played an essential role in military training. Laser tag is used for tactical training by military officers. It allows the soldiers to aim and fire at the opponents and will enable them to defend themselves from the opponents. However, this method has become obsolete for the militants, and they utilize paintball, laser tag's cousin. It is an easier way to combat against the soldiers in military training.


The game is competitive.


You must think twice if you believe that laser tag near me is meant only for the kids at the birthday parties. The game can get competitive and intense, just like any other arcade game. Zone World Laser tag is a worldwide championship that began in the year 2003, and it continues to be one of the best competitions in the world.


There are no lasers involved.


This fact might surprise you, but the actual beam of light that you see in the laser tag games near me are not accurate lasers. Real lasers can be dangerous and might damage your eyes and cause infections to your skin. Instead, the laser tag guns utilize infrared beams with attached sensors while playing the game. The name laser tag was kept concerning the laser guns used in the Star Trek Phaser series.


There are multiple variations of the game.


The game of laser tag is straightforward that can be played by all, including kids and adults. There are around twenty variations of the game that can change the way of the game. You can set your character and role in a team. Thus, if you can choose the model depending on your requirements, it will make the game more exciting.


Final verdict


Reading all the fun facts, dont you think you must enjoy the feel of the game atleast once in your lifetime? Get into the best arena and indulge in combat with your friends soon!



XP Mobile Laser Tag
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