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The 5 Best Ways to Improve Car Mileage

Mary Schendel
The 5 Best Ways to Improve Car Mileage

We've all been there before. A new and shiny car adorns the surface of our driveway. The salesman  had a lot to say about the car's performance and its mileage. However, we're left concerned about  the mileage. The car simply doesn't seem to be delivering on all our expectations.  

If you're left scratching your head at how your new car is performing, welcome to the gang. We've  all experienced the same feelings. And from that experience comes guidance. By this point, you  know where to go for all your automotive maintenance tips.  

Let's look at some of the best ways to improve a car's mileage and get the best out of its  performance for the long road.  

What are the 5 best ways to improve your car's mileage? 

Keep a constant check on your tyre air pressure 

Tyre air pressure is a great starting point. It's also essential when it comes to improving mileage. As  we've stated before, your tyres are especially important when it comes to maintenance. This is  because it's the only component that makes contact with the road when you drive.  

As a result, you're highly advised to maintain the right amount of tyre air pressure. Keeping tabs on  the pressure levels of all four tyres every two weeks or so is the best way to go. Here's a quick  refresher on how to do so - there's a label on the inside of the car that indicates the ideal tyre air  pressure levels as advised by the car manufacturer.  

Follow this guide and ensure your air pressure levels are maintained as per your car manufacturer's  standards.  

Follow gradual and steady acceleration and braking 

Forget about the adrenaline-inducing stunt driving you see in your favourite movies. You're not Dom  Toretto, Knight Rider or Bullitt. It's best to maintain a gradual and steady speed when you're  accelerating or braking.  

This is because repetitive acceleration and deceleration can result in unnecessary fuel combustion.  As a result, you're advised to maintain a constant velocity. This helps you save fuel, thus, improving  your car's mileage.  

Maintain optimal engine speed levels 

Let's dive into some technicalities here. Lower engine speeds result in vibrations emanating from the  car. Increased engine speeds with relatively minor gearshifts result in improved mileage.  

Changing gears is also very important to ensure high mileage. If the engine speed is 70 km/h and you  are on 1st or 2nd speed, the mileage decreases. The engine speed determines your mileage and not  the exact road speed. Try to maintain optimal engine speed levels with low gearshifts to get the best  possible mileage from your car.  

Use the air conditioner wisely 

A lot of people tend to turn off the AC for better mileage. However, it's not always correct. For  instance, if you drive on the highway at 80 km/h with the AC turned off, you're not going to save a  lot of mileage. 

In other instances, such as heavy traffic, it's recommended to leave your AC on. If the AC is turned  off, an additional load is added to the compressor. 

Follow a rigid car maintenance system 

As we've always stated, following a rigid car maintenance system is absolutely vital to improve your  car on all fronts. It goes without saying, but this includes your car's mileage as well.  

Get a car service done at least twice a year. Clean your air filter, change the engine oil, check the  fluids, inspect the tyres, and do anything else that's essential for your car. Research has shown that  periodic car servicing helps you improve your car mileage by up to 40%. 

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Mary Schendel
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