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How To Retrieve Deleted Text Message

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How To Retrieve Deleted Text Message

Anyone who uses an Android device knows that losing data unexpectedly is a scenario that no one wants to be in. Not only do we need photographs and contacts, but we need communications as well. For those of you who have misplaced your SMS messages, you'll need to consult a professional. The methods for Android SMS recovery will be discussed in several articles. As someone with a history in data recovery, I can guarantee you that there are just a handful of programs that can recover text from Android devices. In this tutorial, I'll go through a couple of them. You're about to learn how to recover lost text messages on Android in a failsafe way by reading this article.

When recovering deleted text messages, make sure you have a backup.

Are you attempting to retrieve a photo from a lost text message, or are you trying to confirm an appointment? Your calendar or your picture app are both good places to start. This can include photographs and appointments, which can be automatically synchronized. There's also no harm in reaching out to the other person in a text chat first, if that option is available. A screenshot or copy of what you're searching for can be provided by the person you're speaking with.

On Android, how do you retrieve lost texts?

You may be possible to recover the lost texts if you erased them recently. The quicker you try to recover deleted text messages, the higher chance you have of recovering them. Airplane mode is the

Step1. When you delete a text message from your Android phone, it doesn't immediately disappear from your phone. After a while, the erased text will be marked as inactive until fresh data is generated, which will ultimately overwrite it. In the Airplane mode, no new data will be created that might replace the words you just erased.

Step 2. Go to Google Drive on your desktop and see when it was last saved. Most likely, you're using Google Drive to back up your data if you went through the setup procedure when you initially received your phone. When you access Google Drive, you'll be able to see when the last time your texts were backed up.

Activate the Google Drive application.

You're now in the menu

You may change the settings by clicking on the

Google Backup is a great option.

That name should appear in the list of devices that have a backup.

Your device's name will appear in the drop-down menu. Text Messages should show up with a timestamp showing when the latest backup occurred. The backup should be from before the text was removed.

To find out when your phone was last backed up, navigate to System > Backup and check if a backup exists. Step 3: Reset your phone to factory settings. The only way to get back your text messages from Google Drive is to do a factory reset, after which you may restore the data from your last Google Drive backup. Different Android phones will have different navigation, but you may typically follow the instructions below.

Then go to the Settings section of your phone.

Locate the Reset option and click on it.

Choose Reset to factory settings.

How to recover lost text messages from an Android phone using a recovery tool

What if you do not want to perform a factory reset in order to retrieve lost text messages? Try using a computer's recovery program. Consider this option only if you really, positively need to recover a deleted text message from your computer. In addition, there's no assurance that the program will operate. If you're not aware with the technology underlying the procedure, using recovery software can be dangerous as well. Root access to your mobile device may be required for some choices, which implies that the program would have access to everything on your device.Check the software's reputation and make sure it's from a reliable firm before purchasing. Do not install the program on the same storage drive that contains your deleted texts, since it may overwrite the data on that disk. In the first step, make sure your phone is set to airplane mode. By doing this, you will prevent your phone from obtaining data that may potentially overrule the erased messages. The second step is to download and install a recovery program on your computer's desktop. Many people appear to like Dr. Fone and Android Data Recovery, both of which have high evaluations. Once again, you should only use any text message recovery program at your own peril.The third step is to turn on USB debugging. Now your gadget and computer can interact with each other. Your Android device's instructions will differ from the ones listed here.

Then, click on "Settings."

Select About Phone from the drop-down menu.

Find out more about software

Build Number continuously until you notice Developer Mode has been enabled on your device

Return to the Settings page

Then, select Developer Options from the drop-down menu.

Activate USB Debugging on your computer

In step four, run the recovery program and follow the directions that appear on the screen. You'll be prompted to connect your mobile device to the computer. Follow the steps that appear on the screen to complete the process.

By contacting your phone carrier, you can recover lost texts on an Android device

In certain situations, this is the only viable choice (e.g., you need the texts as evidence in court). Your carrier may be able to retrieve deleted text messages if they've been stored for a period of time. A small cause to seek for a recovery of deleted text messages will be unlikely to be granted, but it's worth asking nonetheless if you want the chance.

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