Benefits of crypto cashback of stormX Clone

Nebula Ziya
Oct 13, 2021 11:10

Features Our StormX Clone

Data & Transactions Are Secured

our clone script is highly securable for third-priority parties.

Authenticate supported merchants store

can be partnered with authenticated merchant retailers and considerable for earning cashback

Cashback reward Within 24 Hours

After success with your purchases, customers can be received the crypto cashback get in 24 hours.

Highest crypto cashback

Our clone will extend the crypto cashback by 87.5%

Support Browser Extension

After completing the purchase of the app through the notification on the affiliate network for our clone app.


STMX tokens are allowed to using stake are adding 27.5% per annum.

StormX is a crypto cashback reward platform. An Entrepreneur likes to Build an app  StormX Clone. We ready-made StormX Clone that beyond all types of crypto cashback reward platforms in current features and functionalities. The Concept like to Build an App like StormX Clone is to let's Know about the basic functionalities & stats are involved.

1.100% Secure

2. Virtually Unhackable

3. Ease Of Use

Crypto Cashback App like StormX clone applications that pay customers a small percentage of crypto when shopping from partners or merchants. If a customer receives a gadget or clothing or anything else, they will receive a certain percentage of the crypto credit and they can withdraw their wallet.

How will Cashcraft help you on your journey?

We Cashcraft Crypto cashback Industry has countless benefits and it looks like a mass entry in the online business world. It is the right time to start your own Crypto cashback Platform like StormX Clone and set foot in the trillion-dollar satisfied Industry.

Nebula Ziya
Oct 13, 2021 11:10
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