How Cross Docking Services Reduce Warehousing Costs

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In the process of supply chain management, warehousing costs can put a burden on your financial resources. Inefficient warehousing and delivery procedures lead to unwanted delays, damage to goods, and customer dissatisfaction. One of the ways to defeat these challenges is to use a cross-docking warehouse and hire cross-docking services. Now you must be wondering what exactly cross-docking is? And how does it work? Let us understand more about this innovative way to handle deliveries.


Understanding cross-docking and services related to it:


Cross-docking is the process that involves storing and transporting goods for end customers, manufacturers and retailers. However, cross-docking does not require storing the items for a long time at the warehouse. Usually, during cross-docking, the goods remain at the warehouse for less than 24 hours before dispatch. The process of cross-docking consists of the following steps:


  1. Products reach a warehouse by inbound delivery medium and sorting of those products happens at the warehouse. Products remain in the warehouse for less than 24 hours and thereafter, they get loaded onto outbound vehicles.
  2. Cross-docking doesn’t require long-term warehousing services. Instead, they require only a dock where the tasks of loading, unloading, and sorting of the items can happen. Sometimes, the destined goods are unloaded and loaded directly onto an outbound truck immediately.


Now, when you understand cross-docking, you must be wondering about its advantages. Let us  take a look at the advantages of cross-docking:


  • Reduce warehousing costs:


Cross-docking provides the biggest benefit of reducing warehouse maintenance and operating costs. Running a  warehouse means bearing operational and personnel costs. To cross-dock, all you have to do is provide docks, personnel, trucks, loading/unloading and sorting services. You can certainly save revenue by using a cross-docking warehouse facility. 


  • Enables fast delivery:



Since you do not need to store your warehouse,  the transportation takes considerably less time to reach its destination. Your customers don’t need to wait for longer durations while awaiting their products.


  • Decrease distribution and transportation costs:



Your transportation will be more efficient if you are cross-docking. It will result in less fuel consumption and lower vehicle service costs.


  •  Saving on fixed asset costs 



Since cross-docking services need  less space, you can definitively save on fixed asset costs. There will be no higher costs for renting, purchasing, or maintaining a warehouse 


  •  Products unlikely to get damaged:


Due to the shorter transportation time, you will not have to keep products in good condition for long periods. It means your products are likely to remain safe and undamaged until they reach their destination. 


  • Increase customer satisfaction:


One of the main objectives of cross-docking is to achieve quicker and safer deliveries. You can increase customer satisfaction if you are successful in implementing cross-docking. Any business would benefit from a higher level of customer satisfaction.  


  • Help fight competition:


Cross-docking can boost the overall productivity and delivery of your business. Faster delivery of goods can help you stay ahead of competitors. In today's world, which is full of competition, it is important to embrace cross-docking as it is a vital part of the supply chain. If your competitors use it and you do not, they will have the advantage.

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