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Does solid wood furniture need to be fumigated when shipped to Australia

Does solid wood furniture need to be fumigated when shipped to Australia

Let’s talk about the process costs and precautions of how to ship furniture to a new home in Australia.

First, buy land and build a house in Australia House&Land Package, which is what we commonly call buying land and build a house. In short, it is to buy a piece of land first, and then build a standard pre-planned villa building on this land. The first thing to pay attention to is the selection of land, location, area size (face width, depth, shape, orientation), etc., and the time of land delivery. After the land is settled, the builders will apply for building permits, which may take about 4-8 weeks. After getting the permit, you can start building the house.

After building the house, you can start to consider how to ship the furniture to your new home in Australia.

The first thing we must talk about is the shipping process. This is where most people are confused or worried. In fact, shipping is very simple.

Packing)-fumigation-follow the customs declaration process-domestic customs release-sail-arrival at the port of destination-customs clearance-port of destination customs release-delivery-delivery. Mainly these processes, but in fact they are

You don’t need to know how to operate each process. At present, we only need to do a good job of entering the warehouse. For all subsequent processes, the freight forwarder will help you with the whole process. You only need to wait for the delivery. Speaking of it, it is almost the same as sending a courier in the country.

The second bigger question is the issue of taxes and fees. Generally, taxes and fees on goods are fixed. You can directly send me a private message for consultation.

The third is about the shipping method. Many people say that I don’t have a lot of goods, so I don’t need to pack a container. Indeed, the general shipping can be divided into two ways: LCL and FCL. Let me tell you that shipping is calculated according to the volume. If you don’t think there are a lot of goods, then LCL is definitely the first choice. The furniture of a home must be shipped by sea, so it is recommended to use the whole cabinet. However, the whole container needs to pay attention to whether you can enter the container truck at your address. This is very important. Generally speaking, houses are ok, but apartments are not. If you cannot enter the container, the cost will be higher. Need to remember.

The last one is the cost issue that everyone is most concerned about. I will list the basic costs below for your reference:

  1. The first party from Guangzhou to Melbourne, Sydney, 2200, 950 continued
  2. The first party from Guangzhou to Brisbane is 2300 and 950 is continued
  3. From Guangzhou to Perth, the first party is 3,200, and the party is 1,300.
  4. The first party from Guangzhou to Adelaide is 3300 and the party is 1400.

Shipping bulk cargo LCL is calculated based on cubic meters, and the bulk LCL cost algorithm: (suitable for less cargo, less than 20 cubic meters, and more cargo is recommended to take the entire container) Calculated cargo cube length (M) * width (M) * height (M) = cubic meter

If there are five parties’ goods to Melbourne, the calculation method is as follows, 2200+950*(5-1)=6000

If there are more goods, you need to package the entire container by sea, and the entire container please consult on WeChat.

The quotation service goes from the warehouse in Guangzhou to the door in Australia. The fees not included are the following: Australian import taxes and fees, solid wood needs fumigation fees, and customs inspection fees.

Under normal circumstances, everyone goes through the door-to-door tax package. This is the simplest operation, the least process, and the most worry-free one in ocean shipping.

  1. How to ship furniture to Australia?

General operation process: After the customer has determined the plan, the shipment will be delivered to my logistics warehouse; then according to the customer’s aging requirements, he will book the space with the shipping company, determine the shipping schedule, arrange the trailer, and prepare for loading; the quarantine bureau issues a fumigation certificate, and it is wooden Furniture can enter Australia; then the trailer pulls the cabinets to the dock for storage, waiting for the departure date to carry out customs declaration operations at the same time; sailing by sea, crossing the ocean; customs clearance and tax payment at the port, and the goods can be delivered after customs clearance. Of course, the above process is my side to help you operate the whole process. What you need to participate in is to transport the items you need to our warehouse.

It’s important to note that all commodities that need fumigation have wood packaging and are exported to Australia. There must be no bark, insects, mold (green, moldy spots, etc.), moisture, etc., because Australia has very high environmental requirements. Strictly, the goods are fumigated at normal temperature, so furniture or wood-packed goods will not cause any damage.

  1. How long does it take to ship furniture to Australia?

Take Guangzhou and Shenzhen as examples. The fastest sea voyage from Guangzhou and Shenzhen to Sydney and Melbourne is 12 days, and the sea voyage to Brisbane is about 19 days. Customs clearance takes 5-7 working days, plus 1-2 days for delivery. Therefore, it will take about 20-25 days to arrive from the start of the ship.

  1. What information needs to be provided?

Provide a list of goods (number of pieces, product name, unit price, total price), sender and consignee information, such as the company's business license (ABN) photo, and the individual's ID card and driver's license photo.


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