What To Monitor In WordPress Activity Logs?

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The upkeep of a WordPress website is not a simple task. If you administer several sites, in particular, you’ll need access to activity management as well as logging-in history.

Concerns are growing as a result of the rising number of security breaches. Every 39 seconds, a security breach occurs.

You don’t want to be a victim of a cyber assault at this pace. As a result, you should check into the maintenance areas as well as website security to handle WordPress security.


Recognizing User Activity Logs Or WordPress Activity Logs

WordPress does not have the capability of analyzing the different actions that take place on it, such as post uploading, editing, adding pictures, visitor comments, and so on.

As a result, keeping track of any such modifications on the WordPress website is time-consuming.

As the website is accessible to a large number of customers along with close acquaintances, it is essential to take precautions to protect it from hackers.

There is a specific, well-qualified WordPress activity log plugin for auditing logging operations as well as tracking even the tiniest changes.

The following are some of the modifications that can be traced down with the assistance of a plugin:

  • Changes to the theme, posts, pages, and comments
  • Widgets, menus, settings, tags categories, and other modifications
  • Core update, plugins, custom posts, media, along with export changes
  • Categories, taxonomies terms along with user changes

Email alerts for user logins as well as modifications to the WordPress site provide another degree of protection.

To be continued - Why Should You Keep Track Of Your WordPress Activities?

Solwin Infotech
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