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Timeless Traditional Rajasthani Jewellery

Sanskriti Khanna
Timeless Traditional Rajasthani Jewellery

When we say Rajasthan, we paint a picture of a colorful, vibrant place with majestic palaces, forts, and monuments. Well, Rajasthan is all that and so much more.

“Raj”, in Rajasthan, refers to the Kings, and “Sthan” refers to the place. Therefore, Rajasthan literally means The Land of Kings.

This state has a great history, beautiful festivals, delicious food, jaw-dropping architecture, 8 world heritage sites, great music, a desert, and lively folk dances.

All of this makes Rajasthan a hot tourist destination locally and globally.

Rajasthan has been ruled by various kings, and that is why this princely state has such a rich culture.

The attire of people in Rajasthan reflects their opulent heritage. With their beautiful and colorful clothes, Rajasthani people adorn their outfits with aesthetic and magnificent jewellery. 

Rajasthan is very famous for its Rajputana jewellery. Did you know every region of Rajasthan has its own style of jewellery? Well, now you do. 

The Jewellery of Rajasthan is intricate and opulent. We use these timeless pieces to this very day.

Let’s look at some of the alluring Jewellery from Rajasthan!

Borla or Rakhdi 

A Borla or Rakhdi is a type of maang tikka and is a very famous traditional Rajasthani jewellery. Borla is worn by married women and is a crucial piece of jewellery worn by the Rajasthani bride.

While Borla or Rakhdi are types of maang tikkas, there is a slight difference between the two. A Borla is circular, while Rakhdi is semi-circular and is worn by Rajputs.


The literal meaning of Sheeshphool is a head-flower. It is yet another type of maang tikka and somewhat similar to Rakhdi. While Rakdhi consists of one pendant, Sheeshphool consists of many floral pendants combined with several chains. 

This jewellery from Rajasthan is GORGEOUS!

Tagdi or Kamarbandh or Kardhani

A Kamarbandh/ Tagdi/ Kardhani is actually a waist chain or a belly chain. They were considered very auspicious in the Indian culture and were worn to show affluence. These body jewellery are usually made of gold and sometimes Kundan.

Nath and Nathani

A Nath is a very famous bridal jewellery in India. While Nath and Nathani are hoop-shaped nose rings, Nath consists of a long chain that connects to the ear, and Nathani doesn’t. A Nath, in Rajasthani culture, is believed to make a bride and married women complete. Thus, making it a crucial piece of jewellery.

Aad Necklace

Aad necklace, also known as the Rajputi Aad, is a basically rectangular or square-shaped choker necklace. It is a stunning necklace with intricate design and is entrusted with pearls and Kundan. It is considered to be a crucial piece of jewellery for a Rajputi bride. Remember Deepika Padukone wearing a stunning Ada necklace in Padmaavat?

Aad necklaces are loved so much today that you can find a wide variety of them in the market. We absolutely love this jewellery of Rajasthan.


A Bajubandh is like an armlet- an ornament worn around the upper arm. It is yet another piece of jewellery worn by a Rajputi bride. This ornament has the most beautiful motifs and is decorated with stones and pearls. Besides gold and silver, today, we get Bajuband in oxidized silver as well.

Gokharu and Bangadi

A Gokharu and a Bangadi is a set of two beautiful bangles worn by Rajasthani women. Today, Gokharu and Bangadi are used interchangeably, but both are very different from each other. Gokharu is not made of white pearls and is much smaller in diameter. On the other hand, a Bangadi is worn by Rajputi women on her wedding day and not before that.


Bichuwa is yet another jewel famous among married women. It is a pretty toe ring made of either gold or silver. A Bichua is usually worn in the second toe ring. It comes in beautiful shapes and designs and is decorated with stones and pearls.


The jewellery in Rajasthan is to die for. Don’t you agree?


Sanskriti Khanna
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