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7 Drop Dead Gorgeous Female Hand Tattoos Images

Sanskriti Khanna
 7 Drop Dead Gorgeous Female Hand Tattoos Images

For decades, elaborate hand tattoos have been popular among male football players and singers. However, in recent years, a new trend of intricate and dainty hand designs has taken over the internet, with celebrities such as Rihanna and Hailey Bieber embracing the strategically-placed ink. And it's easy to see why women's hand tattoos are becoming more popular.

'It appears to have become something that people from all walks of life can get into,' says Charlie Wulfbaron, a tattoo artist at South City Market. 'With the rise of celebrities and famous people sporting visible hand tattoos, tattoo models are becoming much more mainstream than they were previously. We've realized that visible tattoos have no effect on the person and that it's just another way for us to express ourselves and show a little more of our identity.'

Every tattoo's healing process is unique, especially because we all heal at different rates, and getting a hand tattoo is no exception. Charlie recommends "keeping them super clean, moisturized (there are a variety of tattoo creams available), and paying a little attention to them." The healing process will either make or break the look of your tattoo once it has recovered. It can lose its vibrancy if you let it scab too much, pick at it, and wash it with a harsh cleaner or anything like that.'

Take a look at the below list to find your favorite hand tattoo:-

1.   Anchor

Because you will see it every day, the wrist is an excellent location for a meaningful tattoo. If you want a symbol that represents strength and security, an anchor is a great choice. The heavy metal object is used to keep a ship in place while at sea, but you don't have to have ever set foot on a ship to find the symbolism appealing; it can represent calmness or serve as a reminder to stay strong during turbulent times. You can also ink an anchor as a tribute to a loved one or someone who helps you feel grounded and safe. This is one of the most famous hand tattoos for women.


2.   Bird

Do you want a tattoo that represents freedom or bravery? If so, a bird is a fantastic image to tattoo. There are numerous designs to choose from, as well as a variety of bird species, each with its own distinct meaning. A swallow, for example, is often associated with sailors and can represent loyalty and luck, whereas a hummingbird represents joy and hope. It is usually inked by people who have overcome adversity in their lives and are optimistic about the future. The beauty of this option is that you can create a true one-of-a-kind design that is personal to you.

3.   Butterfly

Because of their intricate details and bright colors, butterflies make for visually appealing body art. Nonetheless, in addition to being one of the most beautiful animals on the planet, they are also rich in symbolic value. This tattoo, which represents transformation and freedom, will appeal to a woman going through a period of transition. This can be a lovely reminder to be optimistic and hopeful. The insect is also linked to beauty. You can choose to incorporate other elements into your design, such as flowers, or ink it on its own for a bold statement.


4.   Crown

A crown is a symbol of royalty, luxury, and power. The symbol can be interpreted in a variety of ways, and there are many different designs to choose from. The meaning is the same whether you choose to embellish your crown with a detailed or simple design.

5.   Feather

One of the amazing things about birds is their ability to soar through the sky, which many of us wish we had. There's something romantic about being able to leave whenever you want, and feathers are frequently associated with freedom, strength, and travel. You can also change the meaning of your body art by using different feathers from different birds. An eagle, for example, is associated with bravery, whereas the plumes of a peacock represent protection or beauty.

6.   Heart

What better way to honor the special relationships in your life than with a heart tattoo? It is a universally recognized symbol that can convey a great deal without the use of a single word. The heart is associated with love, passion, heartbreak, and a variety of other emotions. You can link it to remember a loved one who has passed away or as a symbol of your undying love for your partner or child.  

7.   Rose

The rose is perhaps the most beautiful and versatile of all the flowers that can be tattooed. It is a flower associated with both beauty and pain; it is beautiful to look at, but the thorns can be painful. As a result, it serves as a reminder of the good and bad in life, as well as the importance of balance. There are numerous styles and techniques to choose from, as well as color options that can change the meaning of your ink. Red roses are associated with passion and romance, whereas yellow blooms are associated with happiness. Whatever color or design you choose, we can all agree that this is a well-known flower that will look great inked onto your wrist.

These were our top 7 picks for hand tattoo designs for girls. Do let us know your favorite tattoo in the comment section below!

Sanskriti Khanna
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