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Black Shipping Boxes for Premium Look

Victoria Jones
Black Shipping Boxes for Premium Look

If you already run a business or only know a little about running a business, you will know the impact product packaging can have on the health of your business. Product packaging can make your brand alpha and can take you to the lowest rank possible. The reason behind this is that customers will enter your shop when they see something exciting.

Yes, you have product samples on display, but product packaging matters more. There are many marketing strategies that brands use, but there is a simple strategy you can use to lure customers, and that is by giving them a luxury experience for the product. We are not talking about a gold box, but you can use a simple black-colored cardboard box to do this.

1. Why Your Brand Should Use Black Cardboard Boxes?

You might be wondering why do you need to select the black color for your product boxes when there are thousands of colors out in the market to choose from? Well, the answer is simple, VIBES. Unboxing is all about the experience. Black is a color that looks high-end, premium, and it also sends the message that your brand is hot. They are striking and bold.


Just imagine yourself walking into a store and seeing a pile of ordinary and old-fashioned, brown-colored cardboard boxes, and in between them you see a matte black or simple black box, now be honest and tell us which box will catch your attention? Black box, right? See, the market is all about standing out from your competitors, and these boxes will increase your chances of standing out from the rest.

2. When To Use Black Boxes?

Yes, you read about how great of an option you have on your hand in the form of black cardboard boxes, but you can’t always use them. Black boxes can be used for all sorts of products, but it also depends on the nature of your product.

Black boxes are available in standard shipping boxes, one-panel folders, C-series, and other designs. Heavy and fragile products need complete protection, and standard shipping boxes (RSC) can serve this purpose. You may even need to add in a layer or two for better protection of the product.

3. When Not to Use Black Boxes?

Black boxes are consummate product packaging and give a luxury feel. Posh brands benefit from the premium sense of the black box, but using black boxes is not always a piece of cake. There aren’t many downsides to using black boxes, and you will now read about the slight disadvantage of using black boxes. Black boxes indeed make your brand stand out from the rest.

What is your logo? Yes, that’s right because the logo needs to be popping out. If your logo is of a similar color like grey or charcoal, then you shouldn’t be using black boxes because the logo will get lost in black color. If you still want to use black boxes, then you can fix this with stickers instead of printing the logo on the box.

4. Can You Use Black Boxes as Mailer Boxes?

Yes, it is possible to use black boxes as mailer boxes because the color won’t make any difference for the mailer company. Before mailing the box, make sure that your box has enough cushioning for the complete protection of the product. To be sure if your product will be safe during the ride to your customer’s house, you can pack the box and shake it if you hear your product moving in the box, then it is a sign that you need more cushioning.

5. Aren’t They Expensive?

A misconception among some brand owners is the price of these kinds of boxes, and this factor only stops them from showing creativity, only if they knew that there is not much price difference. Yes, there is a slight difference between traditional cardboard boxes and black boxes, but spending some extra money to get the attention of more consumers in the market sounds like a good bargain. Plus, if you buy black boxes as you buy cardboard boxes wholesale, you won’t notice much difference in the price.

We hope that this blog was enough to clear any doubts you may have had about black boxes.

Victoria Jones
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