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Resolve the Brother Printer Ink Issues

Ella johnson
Resolve the Brother Printer Ink Issues

As a printer is a machine, it may face several issues. Ink problems on Brother printers are common. If you are a Brother printer user looking for the solution to the ink problems on your Brother printer, you are at the right destination. We have described the easy methods to fix the ink problems in the provided article. Anyone can put these steps into action and make these problems disappear in minutes. To know how to resolve the ink issues, read the methods below.

What Leads to the Ink Problems?

Ink problems may occur on any printer. The cause of the ink problems is related to both cartridges or the printhead. If you come across ink problems on your Brother printer, you do not need to get worried! We have mentioned some factors that lead to the occurrence of ink issues. Take a glance at the causes below.

  • If the cartridges do not have sufficient ink, the error may appear on your Canon printer.
  • If you have not correctly installed the cartridges in your Brother printer, you may face ink problems.
  • Using third-party cartridges or refilling cartridges with third-party manufacturer’s ink may lead to such problems.

Note: The above-mentioned causes will help you understand the issue. If you do not have good technical knowledge of printers, we recommend you avoid taking risks. In such a case, you should hire an engineer for the resolution of the issue.

Quick Methods to Rectify the Ink Problems on Brother Printers

A Brother printer user may come across ink problems when any issue arises with the ink cartridges. We have listed effective methods to sort out ink problems. Let’s go ahead and try to fix the issue.

Solution 1: Install the Cartridges Properly

If a Brother printer user does not install the cartridges properly, they may face ink problems. We have defined the process to install the cartridges properly and rectify the issue. Follow the steps:

  1. First, you need to open the cover of the ink cartridges and then push the 4 colored levers down.
  2. After that, you have to take the cartridges out of the printer.
  3. Turn on your Brother printer and install the cartridges.
  4. While you are installing the ink cartridges, make sure that the color of the ink cartridges matches.
  5. Install the cartridge one by one properly.
  6. Make sure to click the cartridges correctly.
  7. When you have gone through the process of installing the cartridges, close the cover.
  8. Now, try printing a test page and check if the ink problem has gone away.

Solution 2: Refill Ink Cartridges

When one fills the ink cartridges with a third-party manufacturer’s ink, ink problems may occur. We have given the complete process to help you fix the ink issue. Follow the instructions:

  1. The first thing you need to do is open the cover that encloses the cartridges.
  2. Remove the cartridges.
  3. Make sure that all the cartridges that you have installed on your Brother printer should not belong to the third-party manufacturer.
  4. If any one of these cartridges is empty, you need to refill them with ink.
  5. Use the printer manufacturer’s ink to fill the empty cartridges as using third-party ink may cause a lot of problems.
  6. Now, you need to reinstall the ink cartridges properly on your Brother printer and close the cover.
  7. Turn it on and start printing the documents.
  8. Doing the step-by-step procedure will fix the problem.

Solution 3: Reset the Ink Cartridges

One can fix the ink problems by resetting the ink cartridges easily. We have given the complete procedure to reset ink cartridges. Follow the procedure in the same way as described below

  1. The first thing you have to do is restart your Brother printer.
  2. Open the cover by lifting the lever.
  3. After that, you have to press both the Cancel and Print buttons at the same time.
  4. Click on the + icon and school down to see the ink cartridge you wish to reset.
  5. Finally, press the Enter key on your keyboard to complete the process.
  6. Resetting the printer will fix the problem.

Note: If you are not tech-savvy, you should avoid trying out the steps mentioned above. If the problems are beyond your grasp, contact a Brother printer expert for technical assistance.


Ink problems may occur on a Brother printer due to cartridge issues. The steps given above will assist Brother printer users in getting rid of the ink problems easily. We hope the solutions explained above are helpful.

Ella johnson has extensive expertise in Microsoft Office and has spent a good part of her life working in the technical industry. Ella has written several technical blogs, manuals, and reviews for several renowned websites.

source: Resolve the Brother Printer Ink Issues

Ella johnson
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