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Google Is Looking Forward to Changing the Dynamics of “Workspace,” But a Few Challenges Still Remain

Ella johnson
Google Is Looking Forward to Changing the Dynamics of “Workspace,” But a Few Challenges Still Remain

The constant up-gradation in the Workspace suite of tech giants shows a lot of promise. However, the program is gaping at break-neck competition from prominent companies like Microsoft and other fledgling companies. The tech giant has a lot of work to do before establishing dominance in the software collaboration and productivity market.

We all know that Google has released a collaborative platform for productivity and work-related purposes called Workspace. You also must be aware of the reports that have been arriving since June suggesting that “Workspace” has already taken a giant stride towards success as it has lured in three billion users. Such a vast number of users in such a short amount of time gives Google a sense of confidence. An extensive and profiting consumer base can be expected from Google.

However, as far as market share is concerned, the “Workspace” productivity suite still has to wrestle with a lot of its competitors. The competitors include several fledgling productivity toolkits and prominent toolkits, which include none other than Office 365. Microsoft has been longer than Google in this domain of market space, which gives them added advantage.

The Increase in the Consumer Base of Google

If you go by the latest numbers and statistics, then there has been a significant increase in the user-base of Workspace. The statistics have revealed that the number was somewhere around two billion in 2019. However, it has significantly gone up since then. Google has not officially released any breakdown of the data. Nevertheless, a few reports on the internet alludes to the fact that most of the “Workspace” users are Gmail users.

If you wish to have a paid subscription, you would have the option to choose from four alternatives. It was initially called G Suite. Furthermore, you can also obtain free access to a few Google applications such as Drive, Docs, Meet, and Gmail. According to a few reliable data available on the internet, Google had disclosed 6 million users in the paid subscription domain last year.

It was right before the pandemic hit the globe and forced the corporate sector to work from home. The primary application of the productivity toolkits has come during the pandemic. Some application such as Word, Drive, and Docs have not only given a platform for productivity tasks but has also provided secure storage of data.

Microsoft Still Has the Dominance in the Market

Notwithstanding the incessant growth of “Workspace,” some analysts feel that Google has a long road ahead of itself. Microsoft has been dominating the collaborative and “productivity” market share for a long time. And, currently, it is achieving success courtesy of a prominent suite of productivity applications called “Office 365.”

As per the reports from Gartner, Workspace has to increase its growth rate much faster to come close to Office 365.

Google is now presently targeting big corporate houses. It has introduced several changes to its productivity suite since 2019. The statistics are also titling in favor of Google, but only slightly. Microsoft still has unchallenged dominance in the market space. Approximately 89 percent of the productivity tools users worldwide prefer to use Office 365 over any other toolkits.


Google’s creation Workspace offer paid subscription to productivity applications such as Docs, Drive, Gmail, etc. However, the slow growth rate means that they are way behind the leaders of the market, who are thriving at eighty-nine percent. Yet, Google hopes to lure a few more businesses away from Microsoft by introducing interconnectedness and other changes.

Ella johnson has extensive expertise in Microsoft Office and has spent a good part of her life working in the technical industry. Ella has written several technical blogs, manuals, and reviews for several renowned websites.

Source: Google Is Looking Forward to Changing the Dynamics of “Workspace,” But a Few Challenges Still Remain

Ella johnson
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