What Is Radiant Barrier and Benefits of Radiant Barrier Insulation?

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To control the temperature of your home radiant barrier is one of the best and most innovative ways. Radiant heat moves from hot to cold and heat transfer occurs between objects of different temperatures. Radiant Barrier Insulation reduces summer heat gain and cooling costs. You will not feel hot and cold by standing next to a radiant barrier if you use a sheet of foil between you and the windows or woodstove. The reflective surface of foil prevents heat from being absorbed or emitted as radiation.

Radiant Barriers Installation

The effectiveness of a radiant barrier depends upon proper installation so always prefer a certified installer. A properly installed radiant barrier offers incredible value and control over the temperature in your home and saves energy consumption. The benefits of radiant barrier insulation are:

Comfort Year-Round

Radiant Barriers keep heat from penetrating your home and raising temperatures. Sunlight enters directly through windows and indirectly through impermeable surfaces like roofs and walls.

Effective in hot climates

Radiant Barrier Insulation is a great option if you live in a hotter region. When used in sunny, warm climates heating costs reduce up to 10 percent. On hotter days this will allows your air conditioner to work more effectively.

Does Not Attract Mold

This type of insulation won’t attract mold while cellulose and fiberglass materials are prone to moisture and mold growth. If you have radiant barrier insulation then it doesn’t allow the growth of any type of fungus.

Does not degrade over time

If there is any other type of insulation then it will be more prone to moisture, mold, and even pests but radiant barrier insulation does not have any of these issues and also does not deteriorate over time.

A whole-house air scrubber

To purify the air in your entire home air scrubber has been designed to be installed in your existing HVAC system. Air Scrubber is designed to clean and purify the air and trap pollutants. A whole-house air scrubber can clean and disinfect the entire air in your home and circulates through each room. The air flows through a honeycomb filter and is very effective in killing bio- organisms such as viruses, mold spores, and fungi.

Benefits of Whole House Air Scrubber

Help to reduce indoor air quality risks

Attract ductwork of HVAC system

Requires 18 watts of electricity

Help to keep home cleaner 24/7

Air Cleaning

Air scrubber reduces the amount of volatile organic compounds, contaminants, mold, odors, and pollutants in the air and on surfaces by releasing air scrubber. Air scrubber with Active Pure technology filters the air as well as cleans and purifies the air and eliminates the mold.

Air Freshening

Other air fresheners add chemicals to the air but air scrubbers reduce airborne toxins in your home. While turning on the air conditioner, or fan, the “air scrubber” goes to work, cleaning the air and surface with air scrubbing technology. The whole house air scrubber cleans, freshens, and purifies the air including odor-causing bacteria.

Mainly there are 4 types of whole house Air Filters

The whole house air filters are professionally installed in the return air ductwork. The forced-air heating and central air conditioning system is the most effective way to filter household air. The four main types of Whole-house purifiers are.

  • Flat Filters
  • Extended Media Filters
  • Electronic Filters
  • Ultraviolet Filters

The air scrubbers do a good job of purifying the air and make you feel better. Service champions solve all the problems and provide better solutions because there are so many provocation things in the air and you don’t always know what’s causing the problem.


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